17 Ways To Whip Your Year Into Submission

We’re conditioned to face January 1st as a revolutionary moment—a day when we contemplate all of life’s inadequacies, shortcomings and unrealized dreams. It can be all so, well, depressing. After all, today we woke up with many of the same unmet goals as we did in 2016, only with a hangover. Yet each year we allow ourselves to believe that THIS year will be different, better, and yes, happier, because THE LIST!


Conquer Your List Fear and Fatigue

In this all-consuming-content era, we are drawn to lists cluttering our timelines hourly. The sheer volume of lists promising us a better life rarely translates into immediate action though does reinforce our existing beliefs and values. Reading other people’s lists can be motivating, but crafting your own will nudge you toward reaching critical milestones. Lisa Nichols of The Secret fame cautions us to keep it real, by employing a kinder, gentler approach to goal-setting: “Your goals are supposed to stretch you, but they’re aren’t supposed to stress you,” says Nichols. If you’re having trouble getting started, we highly recommend you watch her 7-minute, butt-kicking video: How To Set & Achieve Challenging, Yet Realistic Goals. 


Embrace 17: A Number with Good Vibrations

Meanwhile, if you’re consulting a higher power in getting your year in gear, look no further than the new year’s digits ’17’ which bring with it a refreshing surge of inspiration. According to the study of Numerology, 17 is considered a highly spiritual number, embodying strength, self-discipline, compassion, wisdom, along with desire for peace and love for all of humanity. That certainly bodes well following what many are calling a chaotic, if not catastrophic, 2016. Biblically, the number 17 symbolizes “complete victory,” which would seem to align well with Trump’s promise that “we’re gonna win so much” we’ll be sick of it (or him). Finally, in the Tarot-sphere, The Star card is associated with the number 17, which equals 8 (1+7=8). Eight signifies Strength, the very quality you’ll need to summon if you plan to face your faults, love yourself in spite of them, and use the coming year to improve on them.


Borrow From Other People’s Lists — Starting with Ours

Now you should be more than ready to craft your most obedient list ever by aligning your attainable personal goals with your higher self and the celestial, divine powers that be. But, just in case you’re still short on inspo, we’ve compiled (yep you got it) a list with 17 ideas (some with helpful links) to adopt or customize for your best year ever!

   17 Ways To Whip Your Year Into Submission 

  1. Make Seed-Binging a habit
  2. Substitute one daily coffee with a vegan Turmeric Latte
  3. Spend half an hour reading news before checking social media or email
  4. Arm against ‘fake news’ with one print subscription, cover to cover (we like The Economist)
  5. Host a BYOS dinner party (Bring your own stranger)
  6. Attend an ideas-centric conference or a TedTalk
  7. Seek out a Mentor, Mentee or both mentoring.org
  8. Write and Self-Publish your first book
  9. Launch a crowdfunding campaign for your Big Idea
  10. Walk 1, 2 or 3 miles every day
  11. Invest in fitness wearable to track steps and reward progress
  12. Join one new dating app
  13. Survive one device-free vacay
  14. Try a new language app and teach yourself Mandarin
  15. Start your own podcast to boost personal brand
  16. Stage a Vanity Fair style photoshoot
  17. Contribute a blogpost on a topic that moves you