Chill Out Everyone – Trump Tweets Are Great

Well, one thing’s for sure: Trump is making Twitter great again. The bluebird maestro, who tweeted his way all the way to the Whitehouse, continues to confound the media and political class with his mastery of manipulating tweets-turned-news cycles. For those who thought a President-elect Trump would be ‘twempered’ well, they were about as accurate as the pollsters and pundits the last 18 months.

While the rest of the world is clamoring for an end to Trump Tweets (NBC/WSJ Poll: 70% of Americans) I say: Keep ’em coming!

Like Trump, I joined Twitter in 2009 and have been a daily user since. In fact @realdonaldtrump was one of my first follows, albeit a suggestion by Twitter. I found his early embrace of the platform, something few moguls or CEOs dared, refreshing. And while some tweets bordered outrageous, they were always, if nothing else, entertaining. In his more consequential role as leader of the free world, one would expect these bing bing bing’s could perhaps offer clues into future actions. Why reject free transparency? In 2008, Barack Obama pledged the most transparent administration to grace Washington, but he didn’t expect it would come at the hand of Julian Assange.

When history is written, Donald Trump’s raw, in-your-timeline style of reign may render both Wikileaks and the 44th president irrelevant!

Perhaps that’s why I felt a Trump win coming squarely at America, when no one in my sphere did. Watching Trump’s infamously offensive ‘Mexican rapist’ speech at Trump Tower apparently struck me differently than others.

I immediately texted a good friend and Jeb Bush insider with: “Don’t underestimate Trump.”

I suspect he thought I was joking based on the flurry of ridiculing replies that followed. I wasn’t. Several weeks later (July, 2015) I dined with a journalist from The Washington Post who had interviewed me back in 2008. When the convo turned to Trump, I felt comfortable sharing and expanding upon my insights of a potential Trump rise, his unusual appeal and the pulse of an angry electorate. He pretended to be intrigued, but I knew he was just being polite. I seem to recall the words “No way” being uttered.

Why, I wondered, was I alone in sensing a pulse that they could not?

Putting aside raw instinct, I credit Twitter with revealing what was right in front of all of us. If you have the patience to filter so-called ‘fake news’ along with critical thinking to mine the trends, Twitter is the most accurate poll of our time.

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Diane Mantouvalos is a publicist, brand media strategist and Huffington Post blogger. In the 2008 presidential election, she co-led and branded a disruptive movement against Media, the Obama campaign and the DNC for bias and unfair practices toward Hillary Clinton, garnering dozens of interviews and on-air appearances with major media outlets including: Washington Post, Washington Times, Guardian, Reuters, NY Daily News, New York Post, New York Times, AP, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, FOXNews, ABC, CBS and foreign press from Japan to Germany. Political insiders have credited the robust movement with extending Clinton a ‘black card’ of political capital to negotiate her role as U.S. Secretary of State.