Is Your Geomagnetism Rising Or Are You Just (Un)Happy To See Me?

Have you been feeling off-kilter lately? Are your sleep patterns feeling more psychedelic Pucci rather than reliable Ralph Lauren? Is your head jumbled with enough thoughts to fill two episodes of The View? Do you feel lately like your life is a veritable vortex of chaos? Are you questioning everything and everybody?
Is the Earth making us crazy?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, the good news is you’re not alone. The not-so-good news is—wait for it—the Earth is making us all crazy.


That’s right. Instead of racking up hourly fees to your local shrink and popping Xanax at a Tic-Tacs’s pace, might we suggest a visit instead to your neighborhood quantum physicist.

Maybe we’ve been hanging out in M.I.T.’s Voltage Cafe too much lately, but today we are asking the question: Have we become so geomagnetically-sensitive that we are reacting to even the slightest stimuli?

Researchers tell us yes!

The earth’s magnetic field itself is a fascinating beast. Tame as many think it is, the magnetism of our planet is remarkably capricious. Fluctuations in magnetism are shedding light on why geological phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes are detected by animals well in advance of people. But geomagnetic activity is also directly related to humans, i.e. our mental activity. Research suggests heightened geomagnetic activity correlates with violent crime, depression, hallucinations, sleep deprivation, psychokinesis and poltergeist phenomena – basically, all kinds of crazy shit.

Think about it.

From earthquakes to market crashes, the past few weeks have doled out enough lunacy to give even Gadhafi pause (er, wherever he is). In a world where everything is spinning out of control – From London lootings, to Libyan shootings… from GovPerry’s stem-cell-quackery to Buffett’s plenipotentiary… from Rawsome milk raids to radioactive spinach… from meteor showers to Beltway quakes… from markets tumbling to earth’s core grumbling… (did we forget to mention the sky is falling and the anchovies aren’t mating)… are we, ourselves, responsible for making an already whacky world even whackier?

Apparently, yes.

The Law of attraction states we are all electromagnetic beings with frequencies at a level of thought. So, basically we’re like big tacky refrigerator magnets, and the way we vibrate affects what happens. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create vibratory levels that shape our world. But when the earth’s magnetic field starts f*king with your frequency, can you really trust those thoughts and feelings? Add a rabid 24/7 news media frenzy filter and we can safely say, not!

First the markets go haywire. Then the planet. Then the people. Or, is it the other way around? It’s enough to bring out the Crazies (and that’s just the media).

Take the markets. CNBC reporters seemed stunned that investors were reacting to the teeniest tidbits of news and gossip, causing unprecedented volatility. Luckily for investors, this whip-saw shift between good and bad news actually began to feel normal, creating some false stability. But, should we be making rash decisions— in money, life or love—by the mere trickling of unvetted news or gossipy tweets to the point where we’ve abandoned rationality?

Now who’s crazy!

Apparently everyone. According to Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D, @quantumactivist on Twitter, a sudden change of environment requires an equally sudden evolutionary jump in the species. Environmental discomfort — not unlike we’ve been experiencing — and geomagnetic fields influence our psychological mood contributing to the aggravation of psychological symptoms like depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, aggressiveness etc., a phenomenon scientists track via something called The International Geomagnetic Index.

Now take Hurricane Irene. Yesterday you could actually sense, minute-by-minute, the shift from over-hyped weather coverage to all-out media madness. From the somber tone of the President to the tweeted urgency of the White House press corps to “Get the Hell off The Beach” from jersey’s Gov, poor Irene was amped from a healthy hurricane to a slow-motion scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

So next time the financial markets contort into a Cirque de Soleil stunt, forget the Nikkei Index and remember the Geomagnetic Index. Or the next time your world is whipped into hysteria, ponder these silkily sage words from Dr. Goswami: “FLOW IS WHEN THE DANCE DANCES YOU.”

Then go dancing.

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