Is Your Armor More Victoria’s Secret Or Knights Templar?

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton… I’m sure that these names ring a bell or perhaps an alarm to some. They’re all extremely powerful seducing-prone men with weaknesses for manipulative women. Men are always on the prowl for women, right? It’s animal instinct. Alas, powerful men no longer even need to prowl, as women just throw themselves at their feet.

Look at the women who managed to bring down the aforementioned panthers – a maid/wannabe-prostitute, an under-aged dancer/hooker and an intern with an agenda beyond licking stamps. It’s good to know that the World is lacking in real despair and destitution so that the media can cover such lascivious and ludicrous drama. Should we break these guys’ balls for being sexual predators in disguise or are they mere porn-puppets?

According to the law, there is a significant distinction between being a “seducer” and a “rapist”.

Recent reports in Massachusetts illustrate that there are about 11,000 sexual offenders registered in the state. The number of registered offenders barely touches the number of those actually convicted of sex crimes.

9 years ago today, a dear friend of mine, Ally Zapp, had her life stolen by a sexual predator. The killer, a convicted sexual offender who worked at a Burger King, followed her into the restaurant’s bathroom and tried to steal her wallet. My headstrong friend protested and this Paul Leahy stabbed her to death. That same year, the U.S. Department of Justice noted that 68% of released non-sex offenders were later rearrested for crimes that included sex offenses. So do all criminal roads lead to sex crimes?

It’s hard enough for we single girls to maneuver the dating jungle without having to worry about who’s a predator versus who’s a prospect… How do we know who are good guys? If it’s not even safe to use a public restroom, how can we feel safe walking into someone’s apartment or hotel room? Are we just making ourselves easy prey?

I recently went on a date with an über-successful Tech God. His invitation made me teeter on my always-balanced stilettos. It was a near-fantasy date: chic resto, roofy-free Rioja, chemistry-charged convo interrupted by sweet sultry kisses… And then, he goes for the kill, leaning into my ear, he begins to whisper, “Mmmmm… You’re almost perfect… But, you’re… kinda scary. You’re like a guy with balls.”
Moment killed.

Lift stiletto, insert in scrotum.

What?! How dare a man tell me that I have balls! I was sooo insulted. Then again, I was flattered. I’m an intelligently strong, company-running, globetrotting, couture-wearing babe. Maybe, I had grown balls, protecting myself. After Ally’s murder I erected an impenetrable invisible forcefield around my petite self. This led me to think, how can any guy see through to my sweet and demure girl-next-door persona, when I’m accessorizing like the Knights Templar?

If you let down your guard with powerful men, they think you’re easy, like Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga girls, assigning you a shelf-life of a sashimi boat at Nobu. However, if you play it cautiously strong, letting your protective coating stick long enough to vet the prospect, you’re seen as a B-I-T-C-H. Deduction: Buy another pair of Manolos and hold out for that man with x-ray vision, who can not only see through your forcefield, but can shatter it.

To My Dear Ally, if only you’d taken my advice and worn stilettos instead of flipflops… You and I both know where that stiletto would have ended up.

This post was dedicated to Alexandra Nicole Zapp, who was murdered by a sex offender on July 18, 2002. The ALLY Foundation was established in her memory, dedicated to reforming a system that lets sex offenders slip through the cracks.

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