tweet-deceit…is merger mania over?

Are Twitter and Facebook Making Deceit and Divorce Easier?Slouched in my cushy, cracked leather Jetblue seat, I welcomed the announcement to turn off all wireless devices and pulled out some saved newspaper sections (yes, I still read print!). I landed on a recent New York Times business feature on AOL-Time Warner’s split.  Wasn’t that marriage just eight years ago?  Then again, eight years is an eternity in technology and now, quite possibly, real-life marriage.

Having just spent the past two weeks in my beloved Massachusetts flying between Beantown and Nantucket and back again, I had a rare opportunity to cover a lot of social mileage.  And what I came away with (aside from a few nasty hangovers) left me a bit shell-shocked.  My long-standing social circles from the late 90’s were largely intact, but, those weddings I attended or the ones I didn’t get invited to… D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

Then it got me thinking, can modern marriage survive modern technology?  More specifically: Can couples remain afloat in a swirling sea of social networking sites?

Think back to how you felt when your desktop speakers blared: You’ve Got Mail!  You did have AOL, didn’t you? Heck, just about everyone on the planet had an AOL account. And who didn’t find themselves lurking in a chatroom or two?  The never-truly-hip AOL was eventually tainted with the “creep factor” (which has also seeped into Craigslist and a few other sites). Advice to those of you clinging to your address: It’s time for change.

Today however we are über-SMS: Socially-Media-Sophisticated. It’s all a gal can do to text, blog and tweet while getting pedicured during her lunch break – with some texts reading more like a Danielle Steel novel. Has our finetuning of online social networking skills awoken others parts of us that, well, were asleep? If so, could that explain the increased divorce rate?

Apparently, yes. The Guardian recently reported that "cyber affairs" are being cited with greater frequency in disruptions of real marriages. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are, according to divorce lawyers, the online enablers.

Lately a handful of married exes and colleagues tracked me down to giddily remind me of their Facebook presence. Here they go again, casting their fishing rods! It’s as if somehow these social networking sites have awarded them a clean slate, granting them a license to, dare I say, stray. I wonder how their wives would feel about their chatting up former gal-pals online? Then again, social networking sites are a boon for desperate housewives.

There’s no question that being part of a supportive, dynamic duo is the preferred way to go. But how do you manage ‘it’ while now having to manage all of ‘them’ (the ‘them’ being all of your new social network pals). Don’t expect any marital wisdom from this princess. I just discovered my less-than-significant other not only has a blog,  but belongs to multiple social networks.  Hmmm… he ain’t sending me cupcakes.

Maybe social media will run its course and land the same fate as AOL. And maybe marriage, as in staying married, will make a comeback. I will ponder these and other profound thoughts as I prepare to tweet this post.


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  1. princess good 2 see ya back

  2. “cyber affairs” hmmmm don’t think that i’ve ever heard about those before …. but nothing i’ve got to be worried about me, being single and all.

  3. princess wears prada

    thanks bm….and i need you guys to update me on the latest political banter. way behind with latest travels.

  4. BO seems to have a talent for dissing people …looks like he’s pissing off the germans and now the French …and then there was his speech to the Muslim world where he pretty much trashed women in the west for being independent, or at least that how some of it came off to me.

    will have to look into the speeches…thx bm

  5. yup. facebook most definitely fosters infidelity…and now workers must also beware, because employers are now monitoring employees’ interaction with social media sites.

    pretty we’ll have a facebook anonymous!

  6. I agree maya. There have been more than a few reports of employees getting bagged with public displays of over sharing on their myspace or fb pages. Overexposure is not just reserved for celebs any more…
    It’s not just employers, it’s perspective ones too— so if any of you heels are looking for work— I’d check those privacy settings on your profiles!!!

  7. got a qustion for ya princess / sis when is jsnd one year old or has that past

  8. got an idea science it is Saturday evening i think we should all kick back take it easy & party
    lets have a hh party 2night girls

  9. welcome back princess…..nothing impt. going on politically except that obama is out of the country, so enjoy!! God, the air seems fresher, food tastes better and there’s a snap in my step when he’s out of the country.
    as for your post….it’s a very good one, as usual.
    I’ve being married to the same man for almost 40 yrs.
    back in our 30’s and 40’s we both cheated alot. Looking back on those times, i would say the reason was pure selfishness. and being totally self-absorbed, which ususally happens at that time in life for alot of people………and having a mantra that is “me, me, me” . that’s basically what drives people to have affairs. so, even though i think you posit a theory that is a good one, people who want to cheat will find a way to do so whether they have a cell phone, the internet, tweets, twats, or nothing at all. ( hell there weren’t even pushbutton phones when i started fooling around)
    at least for me and my wonderful hubby………..we have finally grown-up in our 60’s and life it great!

  10. im still trying to figure out twitter

  11. princess wears prada

    Cindy, you crack me up…LOL…

    and you’re probably right…if the desire is there, nothing will stop in these days…but, technology is making the temptations all the more available.

    brava!! 40 years… wow! and you made it through the difficult times….great story. thanks for sharing that cin!

  12. princess its good to see ya back from beantown . i gota admit i was getting kinda worried . it seems that there are still a few ticked of O-sheep out there.

  13. Cindy you gave obamas out of the country we should make it official hh party day every-time hes gone
    & that was preety good the air seems fresher, food tastes better .. when obamas gone . can i use that ? .. i mean that will drive the o-bots out of there minds

  14. I do not post much, but this was a good read. Craigslist always has something new in stock. Some site I read had a post about a guy who was going to buy a car for his gf, and he found a car ad with stuff about Hitler in it… Very odd. That is Craigslist…

  15. boogie——– that’s a phrase from seinfeld, when george tells jerry that his (george’s) parents are moving to florida. jerry then tells george that life will be so much better when they are gone, that he won’t believe it……….and then that quote. it’s one of my favorite senfeld scenes and i realized that’s exactly how i feel about obama being gone!

  16. i keep hoping every time they leave that they will stay gone…

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