no sugah for daddy!

We’re sure you ladies are familiar with that tasty treat of delectable dishin’—”Daily Candy.” The richly packed newsletter that pops into sassy and savvy gals’ email boxes all over the world each weekday. Recently its male counterpart “Urban Daddy,” a sistachristian_bylinesimilarly snarky (although slightly chauvinistic), informational popped up on the e-scene. The boys wrote a beauty last Friday that we heels felt compelled to share (natch, with our customarily cheeky commentary)…

Not That You Need This, But…Save Your Relationship for Just $1

Incredibly entertaining… These “Urban Daddy” guys are the “Man.” Even more entertaining than the diatribe—is their handle… They call themselves the “Bastards.” The self-important, egomaniacal… Pardon us, we digress.

Note to All DUDES (or Would-be Duds) Everywhere:

Some of us just choose to let you think we don’t notice all of your stupid behavioral flaws—but don’t think for a nanosecond that we’re so into you… that behaving like:

An ass
A non-committal, paranoid, wack job
A self-absorbed clod
A dickhead
A mean-spirited S.O.B.
An abominable Bad Boy

is all at acceptable.

Note to the Bastards or “Terds” (as Quentin T. would say)…Women don’t need a stupid $1 app (although one is available) to remember a man’s important STATS… If we don’t “remember” you on your
birthday—it’s not because we forgot the date, it’s because we don’t want you for one…

To all of you GOOD MEN out there, and yes there are a few—we’ll remember you on your birthday every year… And that secret place where we put our tongue (yes, the one that makes your eyes roll and toes curl), we’ll remember that often too!