edwards’ state of play

The other night I rested my toes after a week’s worth of viral networking (of the wine, not swine variety) to take in the new beltway-based thriller, State Of Play. Even for you politistas and conspiratistas, I give it an ‘on demand’ rating — ’twill remind you why you liked Russell Crowe and why Ben’s acting roles should be limited to the pop-corny, fluffy stuff.
Without giving too much of the flick away, State of Play revolves around the extra-marital affair of a republican congressman, played by Affleck, and the incestuous ties to his former college roomie, a WashPo-esqe investigative reporter played by Crowe. So when I woke up on Monday morning to the revelation that John Edwards’ closest aides were plotting a secret plan to derail his candidacy if he won, I found my own convenient tie.

I know what you’re thinking: Does anyone really care about John Edwards, his cowardly candidacy or his penchant for a certain leopard-donning, docu-making-dominatrix?

Indeed, John Edwards’ campaign was nothing more than a massive waste of volunteer energy, voter enthusiasm and donor money. CNN’s Ed Rollins added his brilliant opinion yesterday: "I think he hurt the party." Party? Try a certain female’s candidacy!

But, it was the immeasurable waste of media airtime devoted to the massively-hyped (and hence coveted) John Edwards endorsement that was the cardinal sin, among others, of last year’s election. Indeed, The Obama campaign had a stake in not only Edwards’ staying in the race, but also dropping out.

But even as early as Iowa, Hillary Clinton could have conceivably wooed Edwards’ loyalists and won the Caucus, truly giving her, not Obama, the “MO.”

Who knows who knew what and when they knew it…though it’s clear many knew ‘IT,’ including Elizabeth Edwards. Mr. Edwards should have taken his wife’s sage advice by NOT seeking a second run for the presidency.

Regardless, this hireheeler calls the entire Edwards ‘affair’ a “State of Unfair Play!”


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  1. Yup, you are absolutely right. I am sure that this was a well choreographed move between Edwards, Obama and Richardson. I guess we’ll have to throw Dodd into the mix as well. They wanted to make sure Hillary didn’t have a running start and those bastards should be made to pay.

    Where’s Diane?

  2. princess wears prada

    diane’s right here, puma sf…. i just wrote the post…how are you girlfriend??


  3. Piper in Pucci

    edwards is the new newt gingrich. cheating on elizabeth was horrible and vile, and having one of his staffers (who is married with a child) take the fall was sheer cowardice and beyond despicable. he showed incredible hubris by running for president knowing that he had done the deed with rielle hunter, and then showed incredible selfishness for staying in the race after elizabeth’s cancer had returned. i have nothing for contempt for the breck girl.

  4. Thank you for this post.
    I feel that both John AND Elizabeth manipulated the hell out of the voting public. They are real political scum, and yes, they were part of the reason Hillary did not get the nomination.
    There is also a story i vaguely remember (from a couple of years ago) about elizabeth being a little sleazy with donations’ requests, but I can’t recall details.

  5. Piper in Pucci

    cindy, i’m not sure if this is what you’re referring to, but when elizabeth’s cancer returned early during john’s campaign, he scheduled a press conference to make a big announcement. everyone thought he was going to drop out of the race. in fact, that was the headline on politico.com. instead, he announced that the campaign would continue, and on his campaign website, well-wishers were able send elizabeth a message of support. it just so happened that the form used to send that message also included a big donate button. so yeah, they were using her illness to gin up sympathy, raise money, and try to gain in the polls. at the time, i liked edwards and i thought that he and elizabeth were courageous. how wrong i was.

  6. Piper in Pucci

    that said, i feel bad for elizabeth. she didn’t deserve to be cheated on, and i’m sure going through cancer is a terrible ordeal. he did try to use it to his advantage though.

  7. Crazy Jewelry Queen

    I believe that Mr. Edwards is a coward, how stupid did he think that his wife did not think that he was wildly with other woman? I feel for her, not him. he is a louse! She is not the only woman out there who was spawned, alot of us were at one time or another. I believe that Mrs. Edward is more of wife than he will ever be, she stands up for what her belifs are and If this ever happened to me, it would depend on how much of love I would have for this man. If I felt that it was an innocent thing that he did this and he was not in love with her but a baby was in its play than he would have to pay for it, pure and simple. I feel also, If I loved my husband that much on forgiving him as she does she has alot of balls to accept him back more than what I would have ever done, but I commend her for doing this.
    It up to you and your belief system, and I think that it has alot to do with what kind of family life you had before. Mrs. E did not give him his vitamins he got it someplace else. Men are not as Strong as us girls, not even in high heels!!

  8. piper— thank you….i believe that’s the story i was thinking of.
    it’s sad that elizabeth has cancer and was cheated on , but still, she was complitcit in their political scam, and that’s unforgivable.
    how many women and girls will die violently this year……. and we haven’t a woman president/leader in sight to elevate the status of women, and bring respect to our gender. why didn’t elizabeth care about that?
    it’s a national disgrace…..and tragedy.

  9. Back Bay Style

    The only decent thing to come out of this mess is that Elizabeth Edwards forced the phony scumbag to face the music alone and do his Nightline interview without her on camera. Anyone who was watching, aside from praising the courage of Bob Woodruff, could see that Edwards was lying and squirming through the whole thing. Could we finally have come to the end of the pathetic “bring out your wife and have her stand there while you confess era”? I hope in the future political wives will follow Elizabeth’s lead and make the errant husbands stand up and take the consequences like an adult.

  10. back bay—– i feel sorry for elizabeth’s children, because they may lose their mother; other than that, i don’t feel much for her and frankly, would have to know the entire sordid story between her and john, and not just the oprah version. he is a sleaze, yes, but did she, at some point, cheat on him, too i wonder? and did she tell him she wanted him to find someone else because of her illness? we don’t know what has gone on between them..I always like to hear both sides… and I don’t think we’ll ever know everything .
    but what we do know is that they both used her cancer to get votes and to raise money. and she’s using it again to sell her book. And the rest of us women lost the best, most formidable woman candidate for president that we’ve ever had. it all sickens me. (remember how they made hillary come to their house during the primary and beg for John’s endorsement?!)

  11. p.s. and then john endorsed obama, as we all know.

  12. yeah that was pretty low all around . i think the press new alot & did nothing . alot of people did . & did nothing …

    princess that was a awesome post , & puma-sf i think we should make them pay to . the more i look back at this elec the corrupted it gets . it looks like hillary was such a threat to the good ole boys club . they all gang up on her very very early on . & cindy your dead on 2 . all of you girls are

  13. Even though I feel some sympathy for Elizabeth, I can’t forget how she berrated Hillary on the campaign trail, knowing all along her husband was a fraud. I feel now that she was too. How could she contribute to another woman’s (not to mention the most well qualified candidate) downfall contrived by a bunch of conniving men.

  14. Piper in Pucci

    bbs-I agree with you wholeheartedly. I hated seeing women like Wendy Vitter or Silda Spitzer being forced to stand behind their men during these press conference confessionals. (although I’ll admit to a bit of schaedenfreude with Ms. Vitter since she took Hill to task for staying with Bill) the men should have to face the humiliation by themselves.the wives have suffered enough.

  15. “the only decent thing to come out of this mess is that elizabeth edwards forced the phony scumbag to face the music alone and do his nightline interview without her on camera.” you said bbs!! sista concurs.

  16. now that i look back on your all of you girls comments on edwards.. i hope i never get on your bad side

  17. you have to wonder if elizabeth’s condition was further exacerbated by being forced to internalize her husband’s infidelity…. she was stuck… i don’t think anyone, unless in her shoes, can truly understand what it must have been like for her. And to think, everyone thought he was such a supportive husband when they announced her illness… that makes me sick to my stomach!

  18. kavala007

    Does anyone else remember when warren buffett said he thought that it would be interesting if a contributor to john edwards presidential campaign filed a class action lawsuit against him on behalf of all the contributors since he took contributions knowing that he had an affair and a child from it and lied about it so and could never have been president?

  19. so what happend

  20. hi i realy think we need 2 start planning something 4 the 31 of may

  21. I’ll be in ft. worth on the 31st, watching the performances of the van cliburn competition…..nothing like classical music to soothe one’s soul.
    but i’ll check in to see what’s going on with the puma heels.

  22. its a preety big day 4 puma its birthday i guess you could . … but sadly its also the day demcracy died

  23. you’re right, boogie—that’s when democracy rolled over and died…..and journalism too

  24. cindy how right u r about journalism this past elect i just got that media malprcractice dvd the other day yup its offical its dead

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