edwards’ state of play

The other night I rested my toes after a week’s worth of viral networking (of the wine, not swine variety) to take in the new beltway-based thriller, State Of Play. Even for you politistas and conspiratistas, I give it an ‘on demand’ rating — ’twill remind you why you liked Russell Crowe and why Ben’s acting roles should be limited to the pop-corny, fluffy stuff.
Without giving too much of the flick away, State of Play revolves around the extra-marital affair of a republican congressman, played by Affleck, and the incestuous ties to his former college roomie, a WashPo-esqe investigative reporter played by Crowe. So when I woke up on Monday morning to the revelation that John Edwards’ closest aides were plotting a secret plan to derail his candidacy if he won, I found my own convenient tie.

I know what you’re thinking: Does anyone really care about John Edwards, his cowardly candidacy or his penchant for a certain leopard-donning, docu-making-dominatrix?

Indeed, John Edwards’ campaign was nothing more than a massive waste of volunteer energy, voter enthusiasm and donor money. CNN’s Ed Rollins added his brilliant opinion yesterday: "I think he hurt the party." Party? Try a certain female’s candidacy!

But, it was the immeasurable waste of media airtime devoted to the massively-hyped (and hence coveted) John Edwards endorsement that was the cardinal sin, among others, of last year’s election. Indeed, The Obama campaign had a stake in not only Edwards’ staying in the race, but also dropping out.

But even as early as Iowa, Hillary Clinton could have conceivably wooed Edwards’ loyalists and won the Caucus, truly giving her, not Obama, the “MO.”

Who knows who knew what and when they knew it…though it’s clear many knew ‘IT,’ including Elizabeth Edwards. Mr. Edwards should have taken his wife’s sage advice by NOT seeking a second run for the presidency.

Regardless, this hireheeler calls the entire Edwards ‘affair’ a “State of Unfair Play!”


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