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Every hireheeler needs to break for a bit of comfort ever now and then… As a New Yorker who needs to heel-toe-it to see clients all over town— being in comfortable, yet attractive shoes, is an absolute must. As a comfy shoe wearer, I can attest… it really does makes a difference in your mood to have blister-less tooties. If I had to expedite my busy day teetering all over town in 5-inch sharpies, I would be a 100% b%$*#, while in comfy shoes I’m able to limit that to approximately 60%. In all seriousness, let me share some shoe wisdom.
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1. Just because the shoe is flat does NOT mean you will save your feet. Totally flat shoes will not necessarily support and can also injure the bottoms of your feet— especially with the burning friction from the pavement.
2. High heels like Manolos and Louboutins may be good for your sex life but not for your back life.
3. Everyone’s foot is unique so try many different brands to find one that you personally find comfy. Myself, I have a pair of DKNY boots, and kitten heel sandals from Elie Tahari— that I just love!
4. Look for arch support and rubber soles for pavement pounding.
5. Brands worth checking out:

Merrell— buy a pair that matches your pants, so they blend in
Arche— have milk in their soles
Cole Haan— they’re in partnership with nike air, which will really help put a spring in your step for that long across-city run.
Me Too
Gentle Souls
Geox— lets your feet breathe
Kenneth Cole Reaction

6. I personally like to buy my shoes at Nordstrom, because they are so customer service oriented and truly want me to be “happy with my purchases.” Translation: if the shoe doesn’t “fit,” bring it back and exchange it.
7. As for the best styles to promote shapely gams:
Avoid shoes with ankle straps as they will shorten the look of your legs.
“Toe cleavage” styles will elongate your legs and help them look at their shapely best.
8. As for color:
In these tight-wallet times, try a metallic. Choose a tone that looks best with your coloring. Metallics are extremely versatile and go with many more outfits than you’d expect.
Travel tip: Pack a pair of comfy metallic shoes to keep your look hip and your luggage light.
9. Shop around and do some research online:
Read the ratings by other shoppers say about the look, fit and ultimately wearability of the shoe you’re interested in. The current featured fave shoe on Nordstrom’s site and is by Soft.
10. Mix it up:
It’s good to wear varied heel heights from day to day. It’ll keep you on your toes and limit those blisterful woes!

Happy Sole Searching!!
Confessions of A (young) Old-Fashioned Girl in NYC
is written by our newest hireheel: Alexandra Greenawalt “Gucci Gal”
a fashion stylist working and living in New York City.
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two things to add, if i might:
1) finn comforts are excellent, too
2) you are So right about about nordstrom’s— they’re the best! and their twice yearly sale is starting next week, for those of you in the greater austin, texas area.


my fave flats are my ultra flat grecian wrap up your legs sandals from hydra….it’s all you wear on the greek isles or you’d kill yourself….though i’ve been know to don platform wedge ‘heels’ at night 😉

(and my red puma sneaks, of course :)))


a comfy shoe post from the girls of hireheels…what is the world coming to!

(ballet slippers go right in my bag with my bottle of water)

princess wears prada

gucci gal…

as to your #1 tip…you are spot-on…in fact, after walking in those grecian sandals for 3 weeks walking up and down the stone steps of hydra, i had more trouble with my footsies and it took 3 consecutive pedicure and lots of tlc to get my feet back….

totally flat also fails to exercize your legs…btw!


shes is where it.s at,gotta be comfortable.if my feet hurt i hurt all over..


Have you checked out the shape up shoes? 20 minutes a day – they say. I haven’t made the purchase yet, but I keep thinking about it!


After one time wear – it wears off! These shoes are so cute! I couldn’t wait to wear it to work after I got it. Pretty comfy and look oh so elegant (yet there’s a sexiness to it). It is not until I got home when I realized that the sole wears off (the front part)… as well as the silver lining – it wears off a lil. What a disappointment.


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