have designer bag…will travel

Confessions of A (young) Old-Fashioned Girl in NYC

So living and working in New York City means riding the subway is a reality of my daily existence. Although I consider myself professionably successful, I prefer to be fashionally frugal, which means opting to to walk most of the time from my very convenient 5th Avenue crib. gucci gal byline

I suspect most New Yorkers have the prototypical cab addiction — as necessary to survival as their Grande-Skinny-Caramel-Macch-Double-Shot-Espresso running through their veins.  Those who have really made it (think: expense account) have personal drivers or, at minimum, a car service ride to cruise around town.

Being content as a subway sojourner, I’m left to observe my fellow travelers, specifically the real vs. fake designer bag toters. The reality of the real designer bag market is that they are essentially ‘affordable luxury’ starting at a tempting $300. My personal definition of luxury is to have something unique that is not on the arms of a thousand others.  But seriously, if you can afford to spend $2,000 on a bag, shouldn’t you be able to afford to be above ground in a towncar? I’m of the old-school philosophy that you do not spend what you do not have. So, are they dropping $2K on credit? Are they scraping every last dime to have a Speedy? Are they gifts of ‘benefit boyfriends’?

As for the fly girls who are carrying fake louis vuitton bags dressed in H&M…who do you think you are kidding?  Go buy yourself something unique this weekend — that reflects who you really are or aspire to be.  It can be a vintage, it can be new…. but if it’s fake, ask yourself:  "Why Am I Buying This?"  And if your current purse doesn’t allow for expenditures , trade a former fave with a close friend. Won’t cost you a dime but you’ll appreciate it so much more!

Confessions of A (young) Old-Fashioned Girl in NYC
is written by our newest hireheel: Alexandra Greenawalt “Gucci Gal”
a fashion stylist working and living in New York City.
visit her at alexandrastylist.com


36 Responses to “ have designer bag…will travel ”

  1. I hear ya Gucci sista! Although this particular heel’s bank for new props for my piggies is ‘closed for renovations’ until I can actually wear uber-hot shoes again… I say gals go out and buy yourselves a little prezzie this weekend— just don’t go hog wild with the MC, VISA or AMEX— cash on the barrel head is today’s chic. You might even be able to negotiate down a percentage point or 2. Money talks… so flash those hundreds. :)

  2. princess wears prada

    i never need an excuse to buy shoes…. but prefer the sale racks @ bergdorf’s …

    if not, there’s always the luxe spa pedi @ browne’s on lincoln road — schedjd for tomorrow with visiting hireheel columnist…zanotti-a-broad.

    great weekend ladies!!!!!!

    ps…confession: i have a a fake balenciaga — i bought it to hold all my soho and canal street purchases lol….. it was only 30 bux (negotiated down from 50!)and it’s more durable than anything from target or h&m… i’ll be sure to stay away from gucci gal if i tote again


  3. Back Bay Style

    Oh thank goddess, a little fun and beauty. I took the T the past two days, and Sista, I was about to email you last night to ask what are the leat horrible sneakers or comfort shoes we foot challenged people can wear in this city and not feel as if we have knives piercing from the balls of our feet to the center of our backs. I seriously was in tears from the pain last night after two days of the T, broken bricks, cobblestones, and tromping around cement courthouse floors with back stabbing church pew benches. And these were in my so-called sensible shoes. Seriously Sista, any advice on the shoe front would help..

    I am going for a pedicure and nice foot/leg massage tomorrow so I can walk, not hobble, and my luxury is going to be paying for parking downtown. As Noel Coward said, “small economies never pay”. No sense riding the T if I end up in too much pain to work at all. But I must admit I really think Beantown parking is price gouging at its worst.

  4. sista is just back from her pedi– and she literally feels your pain bbs. I have been donning puma (not to be political) :) and adidas lately, but sadly they’re not perfect either… i’ll keep searching and let you know!

  5. aaaaaaaah!!to be able to tell the real deal from the fakes..
    now that takes a good eye…..

  6. Back Bay Style

    Thank you Sista.

  7. will work on a posting about comfy and fab shoes!
    thanks for reading gals and for all the comments
    from nyc
    your gucci gal alexandra

  8. but i do think we need to plan something 4 the 5-31-09
    as pumas we all no what happennd on 5-31-08 … we need do something . something big

  9. Back Bay Style

    Thanks Gucci Gal, I love your posts. Anything you could do on walkable shoes for the foot – challenged, which do not look like something the Sisters of Charity from my childhood wore, would be nice. My ankles are shot and cannot benefit from surgery, so the orthodocs are telling me closed back shoes only, and no daily heels. They seriously said that with the work I do, going to hospitals and courts, with cement institutional floors, I should be wearing athletic shoes, but how that fits with my court suit I know not!

  10. backbay— I know your question was posed to gucci gal, but i wanted you to know that i wear Finn Comforts (the patent leather sandals) I love them, and they feel divine and you can usually find cute ones. here’s the web address so you can check out the styles.
    good luck. http://www.finncomfort.com/

  11. backbay—–one style of finns you might like is the canberra 2657……..very cute for a “comfortable” shoe. and it has closed back…..anyway, just take a look at all of their styles. the catalina patents are my fave…..i forget that i’m wearing them, they’re that comfy!! and i can strand on my feet and/or walk for hours with no consequences.

  12. Back Bay Style

    Thanks Cindy, patent leather would be a real treat.

  13. well 2morrow is elec day in san antonio for mayor … just got do you want me 2 lets you girls posted on how its going …

  14. boogie—i’d love to know how it’s (mayoral election)going…..and i hope brewster mc wins in austin.
    good luck to your candidate!!!

  15. I posted a big shoe post about comfy shoes.
    check out my posting Beyond Birkenstocks

  16. update on the sa mayors race it looks like
    kinda got some bad news it looks like she will fall a little short.
    that scum bag
    probley bought the elect & it looks like he has won .
    she gave me a hug g & told me i was her #1 volunteer
    im a littel tired 2night girls i put in a 12 hour day in the hot texas sun working for her.

    but i do have a killer tan now

  17. Boogie—-I am so sorry about the election! The good ones rarely win, it seems. I’m sure you were her best volunteer.
    thanks for the link to susan boyle. sounds like a great story.
    and again, i’m very sorry about the loss…..i’ve been there many many times, as i volunteered in campaigns for 40 years. it’s heartbreaking to lose, but at least you know you were on the side of “right” and that matters!

  18. yea your right how is your candidate doing. being on the side of right is so very importatant

  19. there’ll be a run-off in austin…..either one of them would be fine…they’re both nice guys, but I was leaning towards brewster mc.
    i can’t believe castro won with 56% in san ant. jeeze! did they think they were voting for fidel, or something?
    keep your chin up.

  20. Back Bay Style

    Gucci Gal, I checked out the post…great stuff! You are so right about flat shoes not giving enough support on pavement. I’ve been caught in that expensive trap a couple of times.

    Love the sandal…and I love Arche. Also checked out Finn, so thanks to Cindy too, those are cute and look like they would relly work.

  21. hey cindy this guy castro preety much the bought elect in san antonio he ran a he got alo hes just like o had the same people working 4 him 2 that o did in texas

  22. back bay—good luck to you…I buy my finn comfort shoes at an upscale small family owned shoe store in austin. they only sell the best. i think finns are some of the best european shoes. my knees and back trouble were totally relieved when i started wearing them.

  23. boogie— not surprising about castro….the obama people have left all of their nationwide campaign “offices” intact.
    obama was actually running the 2008 and 20012 races simultaneously.

  24. castro is that much diff the O they r both scum & castro will be a puppet just like O is

  25. so whats new with everyone

  26. boogie—-because sarah palin and hillary (and most strong women) are so reviled in this patriarchy, you’ll get a kick out of the May 8 post on reclusiveleftist.com.
    Obama’s admin. and Sarah have the same policy towards the polar bear’s habitat re: Endangered Species Act…and other similarities between Obama and Bush policies are listed.
    also, Obama and carrie Prejean have the very same statement they make about gay marriage. Yet she’s verbally trashed by “liberals”!
    democrats would still rather have their prez be a tuxedoed thug from Chicago than a woman “dressed to the nines” …from anywhere!

  27. cindy hmmm well thats all O dose uses others talking points i dont think hes come up with anything on his own . except mabey that hope & change bs …. well come to think of it thats nothing new.. every politician scince the dawn of man has run on that message..

  28. hmmmm would it be fair 2 say that princess or sista r ‘Celebrity Apprentice’ fans just saw your new spash page

  29. boogie——sure is quiet tonight, isn’t it?

  30. yea its is cindy

  31. Crazy Jewelry Queen

    I used to live and work in Manhattan until I had a relocation to Florida, in the late seventies. I used to love to wear the stillettos still do, but my back hurts alot, and still wear those platforms which I love!
    So for all you phoney’s who carry those copy catz and not buy the real thing Shame on You, for you do not know what it really is like to have the Real Thing!! Gucci girls Rock!!

  32. I used to buy fake bags and before and I realized that I am just spending for nothing. But do you get yourself an original bag especially on a special occasion like birthdays, Christmas? I do that and I really save money for it.


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