porky perspective

There is certainly no shortage of opinion, analysis
and satire surrounding the recent flu outbreak
panning the globe.

Who’s responsible?

Who knows and who will ever know? If the U.S
Government possessed intel suggesting, for
example, a Mexican drug cartel or Jihadist juiced up
on steroids released said bio-weapon in a mayhem-
mired Mexico, they wouldn’t divulge it anyway.
Americans are quite accustomed to being left in the
dark on this and similar panic-prone events, giving
way to a blogosphere that swings from the
“reasonably rational” to the “ridiculously radical.”

How do we protect ourselves?

(From the flu or the flacks?) I have no advice for
you on avoiding the contraction of Swine Flu. I will
leave that to the experts and those are NOT political
pundits. And yes, I’m still referring to suddenly
famous virus by it’s viral name, despite the rabid
campaign by pork industry lobbyists to rebrand it
Novel Flu Virus or it’s more scientific H1N1. (W.H.O.
may be an authority on viral transmission, but not
in the context of new and social media… Consider the
successful rebranding of the unexpected Barracuda
with a cleverly calculated “Lipstick On A Pig”

Do not allow the political talking heads to sway
you one way in favor of furthering their own
agenda. And in the end, recognize that lobbyists do
have more power than the average citenzry because
of media access (and limitless expense accounts).
But as taxpayers, we represent far
more money collectively. In conclusion, we are left
to our intuition, common sense and available
information. Though difficult, try not to
allow helplessness and cynicism to dictate your
thinking and behavior.




hey princess good 2 see ya back
this is my take of this flu … it’s way over-hyped (there’s only been one death in the us) more people have died from the ‘plain-jane’ version of the flu…so dont let ’em scare you.
& not sure what they’re showing on tv up there.. but there’s nobody running around with mask on or anything like that down
here…. as far as real swine, we’ve got to be worried about.. (they r all up in washington).


boogie—-your comment about the “real” swine in d.c.——so funny (and so true!)


we never left — but we’ve been on the road a fair amount — making it a bit more challenging to monitor the hireheels closet…

cindy – dc can really a pigpen at times…agreed!


thanks for the perspective… a lot of colleagues have been cancelling trips and conferences … not sure that’s such a bad move until swine flu is contained. Especially when one considering how filthy airplanes were before all this started. Maybe a mandatory disinfecting of our airlines is in order???


funny thing,old joe gets on t.v. and says don’t ride the trains or planes or buses.then the next day he gets on the train to go home.lol.
if he isn.t worried then i,m not either.


newsflash reports the Washington DC has been infected by the 0-virus experts say this could make the black plaque look like a common cold.. 1st reports of this were reported on NOV 4th but was suppressed by the media . at 1st it was thought there was no cure now 2 mankind . however it looks as if those reports were fabricated as cure has been found a few injections of Hillary should stop the 0-virus dead in it tracks

…maybe its just me girls, but this whole flu think is just a big distraction

Back Bay Style

my cynical take on the flu is that the virus probably never completely died out after 1918, but for some reason, maybe poverty and lack of access to health care, combined with proximity to a US owned hog plant, a cluster erupted and some people died. Now the WHO and the CDS are exploiting this tragedy to ratchet up their demands for funding. WHO at least makes an effort to actually get medicine to people. What the CDC does except “research”, collecting government pensions, and scaring the hell out of people so they can get more money for collecting government pensions, I don’t really know.
PS to boogie, Oflu, very funny!



I don’t think they are trying to scare “the Hell” out of people. I don’t believe that the President has any motives other than protecting the public and doing his job; and if more funding is needed to fire up the production of the vaccines, let it be done. This could become serious. It might be advisable to check the state in which you live. The info of my state, FL. here is the article, which shows multiple counties with either confirmed or soon to be confirmed cases of this virus. I am not an alarmist, but a realist. I suggest to be on the safe side, (remember the story of Noah’s Ark) to buy the 3M Mask available at Home Depot. The N9105, I believe it is. I can post the exact type later if anyone is interested. This is the only mask that would work. We have known since the Bush Administration that we are lagging behind in vaccines; so no I don’t think the president or the Health Organizations are doing anything other than what they need to be doing, and for no other reason than to protect Americans. The plague in the middle centuries wiped out over half of Europe, and it can happen again; even faster due to the speed of travel in the world of today. Did anyone see the pics of a factory pig farm? Each in a steel pen two inches longer and two inches wider than its body. They were all going insane, chewing the steel cage bars. Such stress destroys their immune system etc. Remember pigs are supposedly even more intelligent than DOGS! I have never seen such cruelty. Veal and chickens endure it too, but neither is smart like a pig. Of course not all farms are like that.

Hopefully this virus will not be as bad as it could potentially become; I personally prefer to error on the side of caution.




Boogie: they don’t know yet. As I said, better to error on the side of caution.

U.S. confirmed cases from the CDC or the states: New York, 63; Texas, 43; California, 29; Arizona, 18; South Carolina, 15; Delaware, 10; Louisiana, New Jersey and Massachusetts, seven; Colorado, four; Florida, Indiana, Illinois, Nebraska, Ohio, Oregon, Virginia and Wisconsin, three; Connecticut, Kansas and Michigan, two; and one each in Alabama, Iowa, Kentucky, Minnesota, Missouri, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Mexico, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Idaho and Utah.

Back Bay Style

flower, I think there are two issues here. One is the actual flu and it is a real issue, I believe. And thanks for the mask info. I myself do not believe the existence of the H1N1 or its recent outbreak is manufactured. I think it is real and has been around for some time and has now had a cluster which may lead to an epidemic.

However, I think many in the media are prone to hype for ratings, and regrettably, some in the CDC in the past have been known to be cavalier about threats. So it’s a fine line to determine what is hype and what is sound advice. The CDC had it’s “Katriina moment” with HIV and blood banks. I’ve no doubt most of the physicians employed there are sincere, but they are often hamstrung by buraucracy and our idiot congress, which I”m not sure even a president, any president, can control at this point.

I think where some of us are concerned is the media hype which tends to overlook the fact that so far, this had been an unpleasant, but largely non-lethal virus. We don’t know yet if it will mutate into something more dangerous or just fade away like other seasonal flus. But I do think it’s important to both take precautions, according to one’s personal health and risk tolerance, and to educate ourselves from sources more reliable than the mainstream media, which, at best, oversimplifies.


I understand media hype. Here is the mask info, not the flimsy ones that won’t protect us.

Home Depot – they are sold in pairs. Just in case;

The mask has a plastic exhale valve labeled “3M 8511 NIOSH N95

princess wears prada

You guys are a wealth of knowledge — thanks bbstyle for your prudent perspective…

thx boogie & flower child for the updates – stay safe all :))

yes, foxy — looks like they’re reigning joe biden…again!! no surprise there 🙂


this flu is overkill on a massive scale 1st they make it out like this flu is so bad its like the end of the world.. now they say it no worese the the common flu.
what i distraction this was 4 berry & the rest of his o-thugs… no matter how you look at it somethings up


hey girls whats new iv been working to get this one gal elected mayor of san antonio shesa big hillary suppoter & the guys shes running against has obama people working 4 him & it looks like hes running a dirty campaigne…


boogie— big surprise that the obama supporters in san ant. are running a dirty campaign against the hillary girl! Just kidding! you are the sweetest thing to try and help her get elected. I hope she makes the run-off, and then on to victory.
I am in total agreement with you about obama and the flu hype……always, and I mean always, hunt for whatever sub-text is unfolding as obama pushes the emergency button about something else—-like the flu. Always keep your eyes on the subtext, or “non-stories”, because that’s what will prove to really be important. karl rove took hyping stories, in order to divert you eyes from heinous acts, to a new level, turning it into an art form…..david axelrod is exactly the same.
I haven’t seen this much hype since obama was billed as the candidate of “hope and change”. but, this is just my opinion.


Cindy it reallly was not a surprise to me that when i found out he had berrys supporters had obama people working do him . that they would play the game dirty.. & i agree with you O is just a younger version of bush


boogie—- ….here’s an article re: what I was talking about earlier.
Congress is asking for $94 billion in “emergency” funds for the wars in iraq and afghanistan….but don’t get upset (even though obama said he’d end those wars his first day in office!!) because 2 billion of the 94 billion is earmarked for (drum roll)….. fighting swine flu!! so we just gots to have it!!!!
i rest my case.


Cindy look like ya hit it right on the head that probley would have not been that popular of a bill with the american people..
mabey it just me but i think hes setting us up for a 3rd war .. probley in packanistan..


“When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.”
– Thomas Jefferson

…i think it’s time for them to start fearing us again


what a great quote, boogie!
you know, my husband has always said that women are kept down (“in their place”) and not taken seriously in a patriarchy because no one is afraid of them. i think he’s right, and I also think there’s lots to be said for ‘fear”, if it’s used properly and productively. (not as a manipulative diversion, as i’ve stated in earlier comments).
one women died from the swine flu today in Cameron, Tx, but she had other serious chronic health problems, so the regular flu would’ve killed her, too…….just fyi.

Indeed, cindy — great quote to keep them in check!


i voted 2day for that gal that im working for to be mayor of san antonio. just doing my part to try & give you girls more of a voice in gov..


what a guy! thanks, boogie.
Some of the most dedicated feminists are men.


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