Perez— Do… STFU!

I support same-sex marriage, but Perez Hilton needs to STFU.

Seriously, Perez. DO S.T.F.U.

Your admonishment of Miss California Carrie Prejean for giving her honest opinion to your provocative, loaded gun, ticking time bomb of a question about same-sex marriage wasn’t just completely unhinged and uncalled for, but it totally backfired. Congratulations Perez, you scored a two-fer! Your public flogging of a wholesome beauty queen not only put a very ugly face on those of us who support same-sex marriage, but it also made Ms Prejean into a sympathetic public figure and gave her a bigger platform that she can use to espouse her views. Way to go, a-squeen!

You don’t believe me? Pop quiz: What is the name of the woman who won the Miss USA pageant? (Please, no Googling.)

Don’t know? Yeah, me neither. I think she’s from North Carolina.
Anyhow, since the brouhaha, Carrie Prejean has been all over the place stating her case against same-sex marriage, and she’s doing it in a calm, rational manner that is way more appealing to fence-sitters than the rabid, reactionary tone that you had after the pageant. She’s winning the message war, Perez, and it’s all your fault.

Oh, and by the way Perez, here’s a breaking newsflash for you: her position is identical to that of President Obama, Vice President Hairplug, and even our gal Hill, whom you supported during the primaries. Are you going to call each of them a “stupid b—ch” too?

I support same-sex marriage, and I don’t like it when members of the religious right try to use the Bible to justify things that make them uncomfortable. After all, according to Leviticus, God hates shrimp too. But your assault against Miss California is unjust. She didn’t plan to use the pageant to become the poster child for Proposition 8. She simply answered your question, a question you posed to promote an agenda rather than to help judge a beauty pageant. You’re only persecuting her because the answer that she gave wasn’t what you wanted to hear. Apparently Perez, you think that tolerance is a one-way street that can only be walked by those who agree with you. Your question and subsequent YouTube rant did nothing to help further our cause. Instead, it gave the other side more ammunition to use against us, and it may have forever alienated those who were previously undecided.

Perez, you f—ked up and did our cause more harm than good. Now go back to making crude drawings atop pictures of celebrities, and for the love of Liza, Barbara, and Kathy Griffin, please STFU.


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princess wears prada

trump was on o’reilly last night beaming over the oodles of publicity he’s getting (conveniently at a time when he’s promoting his new book)…

i agree with you piper…on all points….but, i’ve no doubt the whole incident was orchestrated (sans miss cali’s answer)…. suddenly perez hilton is a household name … as is Carrie Prejean!!


hmmm so it might have been just one big publicity stunt….

(that’s what i think bm – trump is p.t. barnum incarnate!)


exactly piper… Miss USA who?!? miss ca is getting all the press for speaking her mind (even if I don’t agree)— sis says, “let it rip!”


good to see you ladies back!

looks like perez hilton’s ripping a page right out of ‘paris’ hilton’s playbook!

so did u girls actually run the marathon?

thanks…and NO, breckie, but I had the privilege of walking a hundred feet with jay Pisano over the finish – check out shoe tube vid…sista and i hosted a killer rooftop party at the lenox hotel in the heart of copley square!!

Piper in Pucci

oh, trump is so loving this. have you noticed that there is always a controversy around the Miss USA pageant? (Katie Rees, Tara Connor, that dumb chick who spoke about ‘the iraq’)

Perez really did supporters of same-sex marriage a disservice. now everyone will paint us with the same radical brush thanks to his rant

And the pageant coordinators (including ‘ex-Mrs. travis Barker’ Shanna Moakler) totally threw Carrie under the bus her reign is like another seven months or something. it’s probably going to be hard to represent california with knives in your back.


Mom Blogs – Blogs for Moms…


thanks for hitting this topic. it certainly seems perez wants to be the lgbt spokesperson, and even though one is needed, he need not apply. i prefer wanda sykes, myself, and she seems ready, able and willing to take on the role.

princess wears prada

agreed meileen – wanda sykes rocks!!

Crazy Jewelry Queen

Who is this man or is he really a man or not a drag queen? Well this Perez Hilton the drag queen says its best! he is the poster child of all gays? I doubt it, My cousin is gay and he is nothing like this dope.
he would not give the crown to Ms. Calif cause it did not represent the gay marriages, Give me a break. In the bible but he is not of gods wrath it says Man marry woman not man marry steve.
So what he is pulllng? Not my strings but I tell you this, Perez you will never get my vote, but yet, who are you fooling not any one but your self.

I believe in full hearthtly Man marries woman and give me the tallest High Heeled shoes with it!


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