my torture diff than your torture


– waking up in my own bed after a 10-day biz trip and realizing I have no coffee filters
– watching swimsuit competition of Miss U.S.A. pageant after 10 days of in-room dining and 10 nights without pilates
– watching the agony in wheelchair marathoner jay pisano’s face as he inched backwards across the finish line – shaking in 42 degree rain – with only the power of his right foot and hand
– having to see dick cheney’s face in the news all over again
– having to hear the words “abu ghraib” in the news all over again
– what obama must be going through every time he sees blago’s face in the news all over again
– walking in my stiletto boots with blisters in five places
– constipation – when i’m already late for a date
– wanting to return my third mattress in three months
– “mothering” a ceo for five years who won’t return the favor by fathering my child
– hearing my 72 year old aunt got scammed for $990 over the telephone
– emailing a press release to the Boston Globe and Boston Herald to the response of dozens of “mailer-daemons”
– Inability to find my highly accomplished friends jobs
– sex via sms?
– looking at the piles of paper on my desk
– hearing former boyfriend (now a stable judge) say: “If I met you now, I’d marry you”
– trying to drown out next-door neighbor’s wee-hour-debauchery with a meditation cd
– having a thousand ‘hireheels’ posts in my head and no time to write one

what’s your torture, hireheelers?


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