greta and we say: express yourself

A hireheels kick-up to Greta Van Susteren for boldly slapping the "Hillary-Palin Haters" in her poignant post yesterday.  We built hireheels for the very reason Greta cites.  Driven to disgust by the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton in the last election, we felt we had no choice.
To echo Greta, you needn’t agree with these women all the time but, if you’re going to express yourself, you should be decent and use your intellect (not hate) and show respect for those women who deserve to be on the stage.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we know we must continue the march, by dishing our ‘wickedly delicious sass’ to hundreds of thousands of hireheelers around the globe…in stilettos of course.

Please continue to express yourself and share with the women in your life.

Happy Anniversary HireHeelers!


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  1. georgia armani

    Excellent Piper! Way to go – girl!

  2. good evening heels. we are experiencing some tech diffs chez hh. princess and I should have them ironed out tomorrow or thurs. apologies for the lack of new content. in the mean time, keep dishin’ here. hugs to all.
    — scl

  3. Piper in Pucci

    thanks georgia! i appreciate it.

    don’t worry sista, we’ll all hang tight.

  4. kitkat

    If you are going to have a repetitive post for a few days, this is the one to have! :) HH is the only blog I go to that captured both the HRC interview and the Greta post.

    Cheers to HH!

  5. no problem princess & sis we got ya covered

  6. hope all you girls have an awsome april fools day …

  7. hmmm i guesss its safe to say with all the info & protest comming out of the uk that all the 0-love is over……
    ill bet berry wishes all this were an april fools day prank lol

  8. Piper in Pucci

    what’s with o giving the queen an ipod. can you see her downloading music from itunes? and is it true that his blackberry went off during a presser with gordon brown. surely mr. technology knows proper cell phone etiquette.

  9. Piper i think O just lost it ….

  10. ill put money on it that i-pod wasnt even made in the usa ..
    so berry probely gave the queen an ipod made in china…..

  11. Piper about 0 know any phone etiquette… i think you aiming to high on that one… its probley above his paygrade

  12. Piper in Pucci

    i’m good boogie. you?

  13. Piper im doing ok thanks 4 asking

  14. whell hers a littel good news im not quite sure how your girls feeling in this subject but iv always feelt everyone should have have the right to get married no matter who they are
    it looks like one state is wakeing up… i just saw this over at rds place

  15. after he gave the dvds to G-brown i was hopeing that that was a 1 time thing or a least hopeing it was but the berry gave the queen an i-pod so i guess i was hopeing to much …. i mean it sounds more like something you might see on snl ….

  16. georgia armani

    an ipod is a bit odd-but imagine he had given her a WII

  17. georgia then again mabey an x-box 360 or a ps3

  18. fuzzybeargville62

    Today in Iowa the Heartland proves It has a Heart….the right for Civil Marriage Is Extended to Gay and Lesbian Couples!

    Often doing the right thing is hard and at first violently opposed eventually it is tollerated and finally it is seen as normal and even expected in civil society!

    WHat the Supreme Court in Iowa did today was its job the ruling was beautifully written!

    As a Son of Iowa and the Great Great Nephew of an Iowan Judge the Honorable Daniel Maguire….I am proud of the Judges of Iowa!

    When the legistature is to cowardly or unable to extend or enforce the nobel rights of equality and equal protection of the law then it is the duty of the courts to provide that just redress to the opressed.

    today the court system did its job and did it well as the framers of our constitution intended!

  19. fuzzybeargville62

    heck happy 1 year! I almost forgot I remember your sassy videos from Hillary speaksforme….my fave was fox news one “from badboys to bedboys”….LOL still brings a smile to my face!

    I cant wait till Hillary runs again!

    Thanks fuzzy xx…

  20. Piper in Pucci

    fuzzy, that is awesome news. i lived in iowa for three years at the start of this decade, and i’m very pleased that the iowa judges recognize that you can’t legislate who you love.

  21. fuzzybeargville62

    thanks piper glad to see yousurvived the storms of the last few days!

  22. yea fuzzy that is great news great news hopefully the rest of the country will follow
    personal think that you have the right to marry and its nobodys business but yours …..

  23. In France, Obama takes no questions from French
    check out this looks like 0 even staged this townhall 2

    saw O did a town hall 2day i mean dose the guy ever come out of campaign mode

  24. Piper in Pucci

    boogie–my guess is that he didn’t pack his teleprompter.

  25. Back Bay Style

    Hi Fuzzy, good to “see” you again!

  26. georgia armani

    Is O trying to be the President of every fricking townhall around the Globe?

  27. well ga… when you have your own souped-up pj (and a staff of 3000), it’s easy to globe trot…

  28. georgia armani

    O-BA-MA – coming soon to a townhall near you!

  29. Piper in Pucci

    sista, what’s the 411 on the blog?

  30. check out this link girls

    now we can see what other countrys news papers say
    and if they are really full of 0-love or the bs they our msn feeds us

  31. Special Message from Barack Obama’s Teleprompter

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