greta and we say: express yourself

A hireheels kick-up to Greta Van Susteren for boldly slapping the "Hillary-Palin Haters" in her poignant post yesterday.  We built hireheels for the very reason Greta cites.  Driven to disgust by the media’s treatment of Hillary Clinton in the last election, we felt we had no choice.
To echo Greta, you needn’t agree with these women all the time but, if you’re going to express yourself, you should be decent and use your intellect (not hate) and show respect for those women who deserve to be on the stage.

As we celebrate our one-year anniversary, we know we must continue the march, by dishing our ‘wickedly delicious sass’ to hundreds of thousands of hireheelers around the globe…in stilettos of course.

Please continue to express yourself and share with the women in your life.

Happy Anniversary HireHeelers!


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