hillary 2016?

While the punditry class dukes out the merits (and demerits) of President Obama’s first 50 days, I am more focused on the stunning accomplishments of his Secretary of State’s first 50 days. (By the way, you too may grade the Prez in a new poll; on last click, 61% were giving him a “F”…and that’s on leg-tinglin’ MSNBC!)

Indeed, the Clinton brand is stronger than ever, but Hillary ‘on her own’ is far more than just a brand. She is redefining leadership while stealthily, yet sternly, putting her own unique stamp on diplomacy. (How many miles has she logged?!?)

For the record, I have moved on, but couldn’t help be intrigued by this article in New York Magazine:


Hillary Clinton Supporters Try to Stay Sharp for 2016

“Hard-core Hillary supporters are fully expecting her to run again in 2016,” said one New York official with deep Clinton ties who demanded anonymity so as not to be seen as speaking for Mrs. Clinton.

You know what they say: “Once a Hillary Supporter, always a Hillary Supporter.”  And I imagine 17,999,999 others would still be on board, even in 2016. But I for one am ecstatic with Secretary Clinton’s extremely relevant role in the world today. I guess a smidgen of gratitude is due the Obama Team for finally acknowledging her worth in foreign policy, albeit in a back-handed way.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, may not rest so easily in expecting Hillary Supporters to play nice in the sandbox and march lockstep with its agenda. We remain cautiously organized, albeit virtually. DNC Beware…We have long memories and even longer email lists!

MORE ON HILLARY 2016 Sent to Hireheels by Ricki Lieberman

When she agreed to serve as Barack Obama’s secretary of state, there was some question about what it would mean for Hillary Clinton’s political future – and more specifically, if she’d even have one.

Outside of the early days of the republic, secretaries of state do not have a track record of advancing to the presidency, or to any other prestigious elected posts. And they often don’t even last for a full presidential term, let alone two, meaning that Clinton risked finding herself out of a job – and without the public relevancy of a Senate seat to fall back on – long before the Democratic presidential nomination next comes open, presumably in 2016.

It seemed unfathomable that the ambitious Clinton, far too young (61) to be excluded from ’16 conversations, would do anything that might seriously jeopardize the possibility of running for president again some day, but already, less than two months after taking her new job, the logic behind Clinton’s move is coming into focus: A new NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released last week found that 59 percent of voters now have a favorable opinion of Clinton, with only 22 percent viewing her unfavorably – “an all-time high” for her, as the newspaper put it.

By removing herself from the partisan warfare of the Senate and instead traveling the world as a representative of the United States, Clinton is giving voters an opportunity to view her in a much more unifying, and far less polarizing, light. The position, at least six weeks in, is elevating her stature at home. It seems doubtful Clinton would be enjoying the same bounce if she were in the Senate, arguing with Republicans about stimulus packages, bailouts and earmarks.

This bodes very well for the ’16 aspirations that she almost certainly harbors. Generally, it’s the Republican Party that nominates whichever candidate is next in line, but that tradition has also extended to the three Democratic vice presidents – Hubert Humphrey, Walter Mondale and Al Gore – of the modern era. But while it’s not out of the question that he’ll end up running, common sense suggests that Joe Biden, who will be 73 in ’16 and who seems more interested in serving as Obama’s counselor than in leveraging his office for political positioning, has already waged his final presidential campaign.

This creates an opportunity for Clinton to position herself as the de facto vice president and to use her job, as Al Gore once did with the vice presidency, to build her reputation and establish herself as the logical standard-bearer for the post-Obama Democratic Party. If the polling numbers that she has racked up early in her term hold (or even grow), it will set her apart from the other Democratic aspirants who will inevitably emerge over the next few years. At least potentially, she could leave her post sometime in Obama’s second term and then jump into the presidential race as the clear front-runner she was at the start of the ’08 cycle – except this time, she’d be far less polarizing (and it’s doubtful she’d have another Obama to deal with).

She also has the opportunity to build a strong relationship with Obama, one that might give him the kind of trust and confidence in her that would lead to him promoting her as his successor the same way Bill Clinton pushed for Gore. (Again, this assumes that Biden will not run himself.) In fact, if Biden were to decide in 2012 that he doesn’t want to serve another term as V.P., Obama would be in position to choose a replacement who would be viewed as his handpicked choice for the ’16 nod. And, if she and Obama develop a strong rapport between now and then, Clinton, with her newfound popularity and image as an international leader, would be the logical pick.

Yes, it’s ridiculously early. Clinton has toured Europe and the Middle East, but she hasn’t really done much yet. Nor has Obama laid out his complete foreign policy blueprint. Going forward, Clinton’s popularity will largely hinge on the perceived success of Obama’s overseas agenda, and it’s only too easy to envision public opinion turning against her. What if the influx of troops in Afghanistan results (where Obama’s long-term strategy is still far from clear) leads to chaos and headlines reminiscent of Iraq in 2005? And what about Iraq, where 35,000 to 50,000 troops will be left even after the U.S. “withdrawal” is completed? And so on.

But Clinton has already demonstrated how her new job has the potential to enhance her standing in advance of the next open Democratic contest. Not bad at all.


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  1. i’m realy glad you posted this princess. but i think you just might have gotten the date wrong i’m thinking more like 2012. …. then we will see our girl hill back in action; people are starting to see barry 4 who he really is & what we’ve been telling them he was …… and soon its going to be looking all bad for barry

    thanks boogie – well, i was just quoting the article – and the media certainly do not expect another democrat to oppose their chosen president – they won’t allow it 😉

  2. princess if things keep going down hill for barry he might not want to run again & people don’t put 2 much stock in what the media says anymore anyway. after this elec & didn’t the chosen one say something like if he can’t turn the economy he might be a 1 term prezz . keep the faith princess

  3. well let’s hope mr. president gleaned some keen insight and a clearer vision from his twitter powwow yesterday… maybe all upcoming speeches will be 140 characters or less…

  4. “the fact of the matter is all that is legal is not acceptable . let me say it again just because it is legal it is not acceptable.” – vice prez joe biden …….hmmmmmm so i guess that o-biden & the rest of barry’s obama-thugs are just plain messed up in the head … i mean these guys r just plain nuts

    message to joe… so does that mean that illegel is acceptable to you guys …i mean you got turbo tax Geithner & then at last count i think he picked like 5 other tax cheats & those are just the ones we know about……

  5. you bet! I am betting on her to run in 2016. i am afraid that in 2012 it will be hard for her to run against her own party unless the party feels they might loose the seat. i am ready to fight again.

    ur right lori! and she’ll still be younger than mccain when he ran…though she’s probably not ‘cool’ enough for the democrats

  6. thats what im thinking berry will become so unpopular that mabey even radio active & with our gil hill out jet setting around the world & being the one bright spot of the o-admin. she will be the dems best bet .in 2012

  7. I just know i am so proud of her. The glee in her eyes and the beam in the other leaders eyes show repect and admiration. Hillary will only be 67. That is young and with her experience how can they demonize her. I have been trying to find videos of her traveling to put on our website but can’t find them? They aren’t on youtube, is there another site?

  8. lori the media will find a way to demonize her. its just the way they are its sad but its true. that why she gona need all of us to watch her back .

  9. Obama’s Poll Numbers Are Falling to Earth

    looks like the berry-love is wearing off

  10. can we impeach him now???

  11. foxy if only it were that easy

  12. Boy banned from wearing Obama mask in skit


    hmmmm see this one of the things that is wrong ith the world.
    there are too many that afraid of hurting somebody’s feeling or maybe only certain people can talk about certain subjects.
    they forget about a little something called the 1st amendment.

  13. lOVE SUSAN

    The prez is winging it as he goes. At Least Hillary Had a comprehensive plan and a long view…. He on the other hand is having a hard time seeing over his training wheels! He’s running on reputation of hope and hopefully a little luck as well. Well I do hope we’ll see Hillary serve in either 2012 or 2016 LOVE SUSAN

  14. susan, i don’t think he can get that right…

  15. lydia – at the risk of sounding like i haven’t gotten over it….

    Yahoo!!! Run Hillary Run

  16. Zanotti Abroad

    2016? If that’s the calculation done by the great mathematician who’s managing the numbers of the socialistic-scam of the economic bailout, he’s obviously WAY OFF! 2012 baby! … I’m still wearing my Hillary button!

    By the way… who knew that socialism (in Marxist theory) is the stage following capitalism in the transition of a society to communism, characterized by the imperfect implementation of collectivist principles…

  17. Finally, Hillary is getting the recognition that she deserves. I am a good ole boy from Mississippi who supported Hillary way back in the day. I knew that one day she would be the President of the United States after reading her great book “It Takes A Village”. This woman is top notch and I will do everything in my heart to campaign for her. I have gotten in many an argument with my liberal friends in the South who supported Obama..matter of fact I defend Hillary to them today. I know she is the best choice for America and although she isn’t President right now…she will be one day and I will wear my Hillary shirt that says, “One Day a Woman will Be President” until that day happens…Hillary 2012 or Hillary 2016! Hillary all the way!

    thanks Mike; keep it up!

  18. Stephanomics: Greek strengths

  19. Yes! Finally something about composting toilet.

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