i am a feminist, i am a women’s activist, i am voting for sarah palin

I’ve been a regular observer/sometime commenter at Just Say No Deal blogs since the beginning. You remember, ‘The Beginning,’ when Coward’s DNC/ RBC handed down that despicable Florida/ Michigan decision – the day the Party formerly known as Democratic died. (I feel ‘60s mood music coming on…”American Pie”?) As a self-identified PUMA, I went to Denver to lend my voice to the movement, and met lots of PUMAs — Will, Diane, Murphy, LadyBoomer, Riverdaughter, LaNell, Laurie, Shari, Shtuey, William, et al. I get a thrill (no, not up my leg) that there are so many PUMAs continuing to stand up, speak out and fight for our democracy and its core principles and processes. Certainly, the Party formerly known as Democratic no longer cares about those principles and processes –after flagrantly flouting them during the primary and since.
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I’m in my late fifties, and endured bankruptcy and foreclosure this year. Yep, I’m now just one more casualty of the Democratic corruption/complicity in the subprime mortgage/housing market collapse, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/ACORN debacle, ultimate economic meltdown, which That One has aided and abetted for his own selfish financial, political gain. A self-supporting independent writer for more than two decades, my key contract was terminated last year and I’ve been sans work since. Was all this the result of ageism, sexism and, yes, social engineering gone dangerously awry? You betcha.

With Gov. Palin as VP, certainly, lifelong women’s rights activists like me will have an advocate in the McCain WH. I’m ashamed of the national leadership of NARAL and NOW (which I’ve also ditched…too much mind control, just like moveon.org…not into being dominated, thanks) and women formerly known as activists such as The Gloria’s (Allred and Steinem) for what I can only describe as their ‘queen bee’ liberal elitist (and ultimately anti-woman) stance against Gov. Palin. This may sound weird, but I liken them to those old women-abusing radicals like Ayers, et al, whose main interest in women was to use ‘em and lose ‘em, after they schlepped the coffee and the joints and gave liberally of themselves (…ahem…). I’m proud of L.A. NOW Prez Shelly Mandell for seeing so clearly in Gov. Palin what those icons (perhaps alabastered from hardening arteries and hearts?) of the old feminist guard refuse to see — that Gov. Palin personifies everything for which we mainstream lifelong women’s rights activists have fought our entire lives: The right to self-determination in all matters.


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