i am a feminist, i am a women’s activist, i am voting for sarah palin

I’ve been a regular observer/sometime commenter at Just Say No Deal blogs since the beginning. You remember, ‘The Beginning,’ when Coward’s DNC/ RBC handed down that despicable Florida/ Michigan decision – the day the Party formerly known as Democratic died. (I feel ‘60s mood music coming on…”American Pie”?) As a self-identified PUMA, I went to Denver to lend my voice to the movement, and met lots of PUMAs — Will, Diane, Murphy, LadyBoomer, Riverdaughter, LaNell, Laurie, Shari, Shtuey, William, et al. I get a thrill (no, not up my leg) that there are so many PUMAs continuing to stand up, speak out and fight for our democracy and its core principles and processes. Certainly, the Party formerly known as Democratic no longer cares about those principles and processes –after flagrantly flouting them during the primary and since.
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I’m in my late fifties, and endured bankruptcy and foreclosure this year. Yep, I’m now just one more casualty of the Democratic corruption/complicity in the subprime mortgage/housing market collapse, Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac/ACORN debacle, ultimate economic meltdown, which That One has aided and abetted for his own selfish financial, political gain. A self-supporting independent writer for more than two decades, my key contract was terminated last year and I’ve been sans work since. Was all this the result of ageism, sexism and, yes, social engineering gone dangerously awry? You betcha.

With Gov. Palin as VP, certainly, lifelong women’s rights activists like me will have an advocate in the McCain WH. I’m ashamed of the national leadership of NARAL and NOW (which I’ve also ditched…too much mind control, just like moveon.org…not into being dominated, thanks) and women formerly known as activists such as The Gloria’s (Allred and Steinem) for what I can only describe as their ‘queen bee’ liberal elitist (and ultimately anti-woman) stance against Gov. Palin. This may sound weird, but I liken them to those old women-abusing radicals like Ayers, et al, whose main interest in women was to use ‘em and lose ‘em, after they schlepped the coffee and the joints and gave liberally of themselves (…ahem…). I’m proud of L.A. NOW Prez Shelly Mandell for seeing so clearly in Gov. Palin what those icons (perhaps alabastered from hardening arteries and hearts?) of the old feminist guard refuse to see — that Gov. Palin personifies everything for which we mainstream lifelong women’s rights activists have fought our entire lives: The right to self-determination in all matters.


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    yes it is boogie. You can find it on drudgereport.com and at 12:00am central time tonight it will be posted on zogby.com. This is something to think of, the obama camp keeps telling everyone that they have well over 300 electoral votes locked up. They say that this is over with. This is all smoke and mirrors from the obama deceivers. Today he was campaigning in Iowa, which has only 7 electoral votes and they sat they have that state wrapped up. Now if they were that far ahead and are finding out that they were gonna lose a state that had only 7 electoral then why would they with only 4 days to go be chasing Iowa. Truth is obama is going to lose this election and mccain is going to get a large electoral count. The battleground states are all going to go to mccain the only one that is iffy and mccain will still win is virginia. Includes pennsylvania going red. They have pumped obama up like an inflatable parrot and the air is coming out of him. Don’t allow his propaganda machine to get you down. The obamites paid bloggers and his campaign went all out with propaganda and it is not going to work. Both the republican and democrat establishment are afaid of mccain and palin. They are going to stand for the average American and they are going to start moving this country in the right direction. We are going to be proud of what they will accomplish. Exit polls in Florida, Nevada and other states show that many democrats who have already voted have voted for mccain/palin. We the people both republicans and democrats came together at a crucial time in America’s history and elected 2 mavericks who are going to shake up this country for the better. We are all proving together that we can shake the division between parties and work together for the betterment of our great country. To all the dems and repubs who formed this alliance I salute everyone of you. You are all great Americans. You have not yet realized the part each one of you paid in saving this country from extremism. Turn out the vote and continue your hard work. Then relax and enjoy Tuesday night. May God bless everyone of you!

  2. boogieman7167

    JOE THE CAB DRIVER i never bought into all that obama bs anyway most of it is bs

  3. Arnold Swartzenneger Rallies The Crowd For McCain In Ohio; Video


  4. ——————————————————————————–
    Obama Spokeswoman Says Obama Has Been “Unequivocal” on “$250,000″, Then Lowers Threshold to $45,000 – $50,000


  5. boogieman7167

    Zogby: McCain up 1posted at 12:18 am on November 1, 2008 by Ed Morrissey
    Send to a Friend | printer-friendly Right now, it’s only on Drudge, and … well, it’s Zogby. Still, it’s going in the direction we all believed the race was heading:
    ZOGBY SATURDAY: Republican John McCain has pulled back within the margin of error… McCain outpolled Obama 48% to 47% in Friday, one day, polling. He is beginning to cut into Obama’s lead among independents, is now leading among blue collar voters, has strengthened his lead among investors and among men, and is walloping
    pumacrat power

  6. I just had to put this up, in updated form: my favorite “femme fatale”….

    The Queen of 2008’s Sell-Out Pundits…Meet the REAL Peggy Noonan, My High School Classmate (with HS Yearbook Pic)


    If you want to see what Peggy Noonan looked like in high school, her self-description, and 2 recollections of her and a meeting with her after she became famous…it’s here.

  7. AnnieEm

    joe the cab driver said,

    on october 31st, 2008 at 11:24 pm

    Love the part about shaking up the divisions between parties and working together. that’s exactly what we all need to do.

    first the phillies, now mccain-palin 08 – things are looking up!

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  9. Username

    If anyone is a swing state please help get out the vote for McCain/Palin! I am BEGGING! For the rest of us, let’s keep making phone calls,bogging,and whatever we can each do! It’s not over yet, but I know we have an uphill battle!
    McCain/Palin ’08
    “Country First”

  10. Username

    If anyone is a swing state please help get out the vote for McCain/Palin! I am BEGGING! For the rest of us, let’s keep making phone calls,blogging,and whatever we can each do! It’s not over yet, but I know we have an uphill battle!
    McCain/Palin ’08
    “Country First”

  11. rey
    They want a piece of the GDP pie, we are all rich, obamas brother showed us that. Who are they ? The people behind obama, you know the story ‘the turtle on the post.’ They are people of ideology (his allies and mentors, only the controversial faces were exposed) and push their extreme ideas on us, even at the cost of the greater good. Hillary wouldn’t go there, that’s why she is not vp.


    LAST MESSAGE FROM MCCAIN CAMPAIGN DIRECTOR. http://www.teamsarah.org/profiles/blogs/rick-daviss-state-of-the-race

  13. boogieman7167

    hey whats up everyone

  14. boogieman7167

    havent herd anything from princess is a while hope shes ok

  15. boogieman7167

    these are problely some of the most important hours of puma & jsnd . soon its going to be payback time in a big way.
    iv been gone most of the day . anything big break>?

  16. greenfun

    have you voted on these polls?
    how many pumas???

    people want to know about p.u.m.a. and obama associates-polls

    posted on october 31, 2008

    i keep seeing post about p.u.m.a. and the one question that everyone has is how many people are in the p.u.m.a. party? will was on greta the other night and she even ask. will told her that it could be as many as 4 million people because according to the polls 20% of hillary voters are not voting obama.
    i know not all p.u.m.a.’s will come here to vote but i thought i would put up a poll and see how many people we could find on line over the next few days.
    there is another thing i keep hearing on television that makes me a bit angry. i keep hearing that obama’s associates don’t make any difference to the voters. well is that right? they matter to me, how about you?

    please pass the word around about these polls so we might get some idea how many p.u.m.a. are on line and how people feel about obama’s associates. thanks for helping out


  17. the polls ae turning Zogby has McCain up by 1 pt and I think it is off….

    From my field workers I can tell 1 puma’s and hillicrats are not gettiing polled possible intentionally?

    I have a large I mean huge family in North east iowa…great grand parents had 12 siblings each and the parents the same my aunt and cusin estimate we have 10,000 relatives living under at least 2 dozen names and family pow wows regularly bring 1500-2000 people and are held on a 300 acre farm! these folks are spread over several thousand square miles and news tavel fastest by matriarchial lip radio.

    My family is union blue colar and agribusiness all the way we call the area smokestacks and silos and those of voting age are not voting obama-guess what none that we know of have been polled!

    mmmm curious…. is iowa in play?

    just food for thought dont forget to fall back! daylight savings ends today!

    could my relatives deliver iowa into the nobama collumn?


  18. boogieman7167


  19. Elizabeth

    It is encouraging to know there are true feminists out there — of your ilk and mine. We must continue to stand strong. I pray that we PUMAS will help defeat the corrupt leadership of the DNC/Obama. Democrat no more.

  20. boogieman7167

    good moring all

  21. boogieman7167

    good moring all

  22. boogieman7167

    hmmmm kind slow out there? amyone home?

  23. Flowerchild2

    Obama now claiming he will change the country and change the world. What an ego is right!! Senator McCain reporting Obama said in a speech last week that his victory in Iowa vindicates his feelings toward America. And what feelings does he need vindicated? These are not the words spoken by any other previous candidate that I can recall, including he intends to change world. Obama is drunk on power.

  24. check this out he says mccain will win by no less than 42 and possibly by 100 electoral votes. http://www.marstonchronicles.info/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=94&Itemid=118

  25. mamabroad

    Am I missing something? Everyone I know is telling me that if I were over there (I live abroad), I would dislike Palin. These are people who were Pumas but now, b/c of Palin, are supporting Obama. I proudly don’t have a tv but I watched the Couric interviews on the web and an occasional youtube speech, etc. I haven’t seen or read anything to make me dislike Palin. They say even Republicans are deserting McCain in droves b/c they understand how “scary” Palin is. Is this true? Why is she scary? What am I missing? Is it b/c she is supposed to be stupid? I can plainly see she has high intelligence. Is it b/c she’s anti-choice and an evangelical Christian? Although I’m staunchly pro-choice, that doesn’t scare me. I just don’t get it.
    Also, anyone sick of all these feminists attacking each other and attacking women? Why do we have to paint women as stupid or old school or whiners or has-beens? Women are half the human race, we cannot all be the same. Just b/c we disagree on policies or are in different parties, we should still respect each other. I think it is great that there are so many different branches of women calling themselves feminists. This is a silver lining of this election. “Can’t we all just get along”?

  26. Mamabroad,

    Sarah Palin is a modern day feme version of William Wallace. Not just the feminist populace that she had awaken in this new world order society but, a whole nation of freedom loving people. Severing the body of William Wallace as an example to those who will challenge the tyranny is just the same as demonizing Sarah Palin, Joe the Plumber and any one who will challenge the power. A storm is rising and I fear for our freedom!

  27. AnnieEm

    mamabroad, palin has a high approval rating in her state, a loving and devoted family, and attracts crowds wherever she goes. don’t believe the hype. it’s designed to demoralize women and keep them divided.

  28. Mike in Fairfax

    Come on girls!! Get out and vote tomorrow… and PLEASE don’t vote for Obama!

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