Save your prayers for “o-ba-ma!”

These can be tough times for people like us who don’t understand that Obama is The Answer To Everything ™. I’ve got enough falling apart in my life to keep me entertained—the accusations that we PUMAs are somehow responsible for the real wounds of racism in America because we don’t worship at Barack’s altar are NOT helping.

The way the faithful put it, our criticisms of arrogance on the part of the candidate and his followers are proof of our racism. Now, I’m big on thoughtful soul-searching. I think we can all benefit from what the 12-steppers call taking inventory. So I raked as much of myself over the coals as I could to figure out if I was letting my privilege manolominx_bylineas a white person affect my feelings about the presumptuous nominee. (For more about the concept of privilege—of color, gender, class—check out this primer. I wish the Obama fans would; maybe they’d learn a little about sexism and misogyny.)

Just as I was beginning to worry that I was the reincarnation of a 1920s Klansman burning crosses across the Democratic party lawn, my guardian angels dropped a surprise on me—like the most amazing designer cocktail sandals in my perfect size, just when I need them, in the back of the bargain aisle with a 75% markdown tag. The ever-fabulous PUMA Heidi Li linked to this creeptastic call from an Obama supporter to the faithful to pray for us HRC supporters. In it, an Obot says, “We can’t wait for HRC to see the light on her own, we need to begin praying for her and her supporters now. Please commit to praying for them daily to 1) stop trying to hurt the Obama’s and the Democratic party. 2) Pray God will speak to them all and change their hearts so their only pursuit will be party unity and whole heartedly backing Sen. Obama.”

Excuse me??? Hey, Barack, you let this stay on your website. The buck stops with you, dude. You want people to stop calling you arrogant? Then you and your peeps need to stop treating people who disagree with you as poor, pathetic lost souls who need only see Your Light ™ to be saved. I was suddenly snapped back into my senses by the most condescending, offensive claptrap I’ve seen in a long time from anyone who isn’t Ann Coulter.

The faces of the other political figures I’ve thought arrogant came rushing into my mind. Richard Nixon. George W. Bush. Dick Cheney. Mitt Romney, to name a few (and if Mitt becomes McCain’s running mate, I’m moving to Canada , I find him so insufferable and unqualified). I don’t see a person of color among them. Maybe that 1920s Klansman is just a scary memory from a bad movie!

Obama-fans: Keep your prayers off’n my conscience. You know what my god says? Don’t bear false witness. As you treat the least of my children, so have you treated me. And most of all, render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s and leave to God that which is God’s. I’m not seeing a whole lot of those coming in my direction from your camp, lightseekers.

I’ve said this before: be very, very afraid of religious fervor surrounding political leaders. The vibe I get from the Obama faithful isn’t restored civic pride, or a pan-religious social movement like the 1960s civil rights movement. It’s a with-us-or-against-us, self-righteous club ready to intimidate, coerce, or pray us into conforming…or else. I don’t begrudge Obama the titanium ego anyone needs to run for president. I begrudge him for treating me like I’m a sinner in need of his salvation, instead of a voter whose respect he needs to earn.


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