it’s my party and i’m done cryin’ – let’s roar pumas

The PUCCI, er I mean PUMA movement has begun. Bloggers and organizations from across the country have joined together to Just Say No Deal —  we will not accept the presumptive nominee that is being shoved down our throats by the DNC and the Mean-Streak Media.Our reasons for dissent are as diverse as America itself, but we all have this in common:

We support Hillary … We reject Obama …We will not fall in line.

You may call me a sore loser or say that I’m suffering from sour grapes, and you’d be partially right. I cannot reward voter suppression and delegate stealing. I cannot endorse the hypocrisy of using strong-armed tactics while promising a ‘new type of politics’. I cannot support the cowardice of refusing re-votes and debates. I cannot condone the sexist and misogynistic treatment of Hillary by his campaign and its followers. I cannot vote for someone who has shown nothing but contempt and disrespect for his opponent, her spouse, and her supporters, especially when, according to ABC News, he will not spend much time trying to bring us into the fold.

Apparently, we aren’t likable enough after all.piper_in_pucci_byline

But there are other reasons that I’m leaning toward voting for John McCain in the fall, ones that are related to the issues that I care about.

Supreme Court appointments and the protection of Roe v. Wade is something that Obama supporters and the media like to hang over our collective heads. This gets a big yawn from me. Obama did not support the filibuster of Justice Samuel Alito, and he reportedly supported Chief Justice John Roberts before being told that his support may hurt his future presidential run. As I told Sam Stein, Obama was for John Roberts before he was against him. Besides, presidents only nominate Supreme Court Justices. The senate confirms them. If the Democratic-controlled congress will grow a pair and make abortion a litmus test during the confirmation hearings, then this becomes a non-issue. Next….I also think that Obama is weak on gay rights. He’ll talk to our enemies without preconditions, but he won’t talk to the Philadelphia Gay News? When he did finally grant an interview with The Advocate, he said that while he supports the elimination of Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, he won’t make its repeal a requirement for his Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. WTF?He reportedly refused to be pictured with San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom at a 2004 fundraiser because Newsom’s decision to allow same-sex marriage in his city had been the focus of recent controversy. Political courage, thy name is not Obama. Obama also has a lot of homophobic supporters that are active members of his campaign, such as Donnie McClurkin and Rev. James Meeks. Tell me again why he would be good to the GLBT community?Finally, I don’t think that Obama will be any better on Iraq than McCain. Obama (or Clinton) would not commit to a full pullout of troops by 2013. Hell, McCain says it will be won by then.

Samantha Power, a foreign policy advisor who resigned from the Obama campaign after calling Hillary a monster, had told the BBC in March that his plan to withdraw combat troops within the first 16 months of his administration was simply a “best case scenario” and that Obama “…will not rely upon some plan that he’s crafted as a presidential candidate or as a US senator.” And in April, the New York Sun reported that Colin Kahk, another key Obama advisor, wrote a paper suggesting that the U.S. keep 60,000-80,000 troops in Iraq through the end of 2010. It appears that Obama’s Iraq withdraw plan is nothing more than just words. So what can Obama do to convince rouge Hillary supporters like me to heed my candidate’s advice and support him? Well, for starters, an apology from Obama and the DNC would be appreciated, as would recognition from the media and the progressive blogosphere that their coverage of Hillary during this campaign season was disgraceful and abhorrent. Also, adding Hillary’s true universal healthcare program to the platform would go a long way with me. To date, neither of those things has occurred, and I’m doubtful that they will. Obama, the DNC, Kos and Josh don’t think that we’re a priority. They all think that they can win without us.I say let’s watch them try.


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