Hillary’s Ready For Hillary

Posted on April 12th, 2015 in Princess Wears Prada by hireheels


After years of speculation, Hillary supporters everywhere got what we’ve waited so long for.

Now the fight is up to Hillary. And if this launch announcement is an indicator of things to come, I can safely say, she’s in good hands.

As a brand strategist and one of the leaders of Hillary Clinton’s rogue armies back in 2008, it pained me to watch a stumbling, old school campaign trying to keep up with Barack Obama’s digitally-brand savvy, nimble ninjas. His was not a Presidential campaign. It was a brand campaign.

Watching this video brought tears to my eyes. Finally, I thought. Finally, they got it right. If her team keeps rolling like this, they will win the hearts and minds of a country hungry for leadership and prosperity.

But should the tide turn to nasty land, as it always does, the collective sleeping giant will also be ready… to return the fire. But for now, it feels good to just exhale.


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diane mantouvalos is a brand strategist, publicist and Hillary clinton supporter. in the 2008 presidential election, she led and branded a disruptive movement against the media’s unfair treatment of clinton, garnering dozens of interviews and appearances with every major media outlet including washington post, washington times, the guardian, reuters, ny daily news, ny post, ny times, ap, cnn, msnbc, npr, fox, abc, cbs and foreign media from japan to germany. media experts credit the robust movement with extending clinton a ‘black card’ worth of political capital critical in negotiating her role as u.s. secretary of state.

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Hey Girl, Thanks For Taking That 3AM Call

Posted on September 16th, 2012 in Princess Wears Prada by hireheels

When Obama’s 3 am call came in, some say he hit the snooze button. Others claim Romney intercepted it. But we’re here to remind the world, as predicted by that infamous attack ad, Hillary answered it.

Throughout this past week and since the heinous attacks on U.S. Embassies that claimed the lives of 4 Americans including U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens, a drained Hillary Clinton continued to address our nation while attempting to calm the Muslim world — all the while taking ‘incoming’ and fierce criticism in the run up to the president’s re-election, not hers.

Those critics would be wise to remember Hillary’s hesitation to oust Mubarak in the early days of Egypt’s uprising [Read @PJCrowley's piece in Daily Beast: Is Egypt an Ally of the U.S.?]. In fact Clinton, even as she carries out her duties with equal parts grace and fortitude, is seemingly less than comfortable doing the President’s bidding in the Middle East. Might it be because she’s been carrying this mighty load for the President while he maintains his inexplicably cavalier attitude and ‘Que Sera, Sera’ mid-east approach in the name of democracy?

It was Clinton who installed close friend and foreign service veteran Chris Stevens to mop up the post-Gaddafi spectacle in Libya. And it was also Clinton who warned of a post-Mubarak era of uncertainty. So as pundits pile on Hillary to discredit Obama’s foreign policy, it’s prudent to note, well, Hillary’s prudence throughout Obama’s presidency.

How would a hawkish Hillary have handled the Middle East?

No one knows. But this blog has been openly critical of Muslim Brotherhood via our Twitter feed, primarily because of Mus-Bro’s despicable history with women, not its religion. We knew then, as we know now, that an already fragile environment for women’s rights will be all but shattered and deemed collateral damage in Mus-Bro’s ‘New’ Egypt.

Besides, how can a revolution that gang-rapes an American female journalist be celebrated?

The astonishing and brutal sex attack on CBS correspondent Lara Logan in Tahrir Square just hours into Egypt’s jubilant celebration should have a been the first hint that President Obama’s “Kumbaya” experiment with an Islamified Egypt would not work. Sec. of State Clinton is keenly aware how delicate the Middle East is. But one has to ask: was Obama? Or even worse, does he care?

Certainly no one wants to return to the Bellicosity of the Bush era, but leaving Muslim Brotherhood in charge of Egypt and watching Tunisia, once moderate and the birthplace of the Arab Spring, descend into Islam on Viagra, one has to wonder: what is the President thinking?

In closing, this is not at all intended to be a political post. It’s a woman post. It’s too late for voters to ask: might Hillary have been a better President? Might they have questioned the Democratic Party’s railroading of its best-ever female candidate? Might an Obama-biased media have been derelict in duty and its role in diminishing Hillary Clinton’s foreign policy credentials?

It’s unfortunately that Hillary Rodham Clinton appears to be ending her tenure the way she started: holding the bag for Barack Obama. For hillary supporters, this comes as no surprise. Clinton’s break-neck work ethic and relentless patriotism found her logging more mileage than any of her predecessors. Imagine if her male boss worked that hard! But we digress.

Bottom line, if you don’t like Obama’s foreign policy, blame Obama not Hillary. But do remember that she did take that 3am call.

On behalf of all the women who fought so vociferously for Hillary Clinton in 2008, we continue to believe she would have worked toward a stronger, safer world, but more important, a back-to-working America. One can only hope, should another female candidate as formidable as Hillary Clinton run for president of the United States, that voters answer the call this time, and hire the heels!

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Diane Mantouvalos is a Brand Strategist, Publicist and former Clinton Supporter. In the 2008 Presidential Election, she led and branded a disruptive movement against the media’s unfair treatment of Clinton, garnering dozens of interviews and appearances with – or has been quoted in – every major media outlet including Washington Post, Washington Times, The Guardian, Reuters, NY Daily News, NY Post, NY Times, AP, CNN, MSNBC, NPR, FOX, ABC, CBS and foreign media from Japan to Germany. Media experts credit the vocal movement with extending Clinton a ‘Black Card’ worth of political capital in negotiating her role as U.S. Secretary of State.

Diane Mantouvalos chats with Hillary Clinton during a presidential fundraiser at the home of former DNC Chair Terry McAullife

Diane Mantouvalos chats with Hillary Clinton during a presidential fundraiser at the home of former DNC Chair Terry McAullife

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Would You Sleep With A Cow?

Posted on May 17th, 2012 in Princess Wears Prada,Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

We women know all too well the old saying: Why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? Well, we’re here to ask a different question: Why buy the Milk if you wouldn’t have sex with a cow? Pardon the graphic visual, but that’s exactly what you’re doing when you drink milk.

The experts tell us it’s the universe ‘effing’ with our world today. But we’re going to let you in on ‘The Secret’…a very dirty one.

It’s the hormones.

That’s right. Your morning caffe latte routine has turned you into a genetically modified science experiment. That ‘latte’ is a hormone cocktail, laced with special antibiotics and high levels of over-pimped-out-pituitary-gland growth hormone to over-generate a cow’s milk production. Or to put in another way, we’re drinking ‘The Pill.’

So What does drinking all those hormones do to the female body? For starters, our boobs are bigger, our skin is more acne-prone, our butts are way more J-lo and our young girls are becoming frighteningly Very Sexy by age 10.

Speaking of very sexy, maybe you’ve seen the latest ‘Got Milk’ TV commercial? The $60 Million ad campaign flaunts a sultry Salma Hayek jonesing for her bovine fix (and we ain’t talking Botox). Though we heart the hormonal ‘pms-meets-walk-of-shame’ theme, replete with broken stiletto, bed-head bouffant and sex-smudged eyes — we are tossing our cookies all over this milk campaign!

Shame on you Ms. Hayek. You may be going crazy for milk, but it’s the milk that’s making you crazy.

Harvard Researcher Ganmaa Davaasambuu warns: “Among the routes of human exposure to estrogens, we are mostly concerned about cow’s milk, which contains considerable amounts of female sex hormones.” Such estrogens are up to 100,000 times more potent than their environmental counterparts, like those in pesticides. Davaasambuu implicates all cow products including butter, meat, milk, and cheese as causing the high rate of hormone-dependent cancers, most staggeringly breast cancer.

Be afraid. Be very afraid.

But it’s not just the women who should be scared. According to beverage digest, the average American — this includes men — consumed nearly 21 gallons of milk in 2010. So? Well, when men consume high fat diets, including an excess of cow products (think: The Palm) they are not only compromising their fertility, they’re also contaminating their sacred semen.

So next time you think about swallowing…just visualize having sex with a cow and we guarantee you’ll spit it out.

Umm, the milk that is.

Princess Wears Prada aka @AndoniaPR
Zanotti A-Broad aka @Eyeppl

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Touch-Scream Technology

Posted on September 13th, 2011 in Princess Wears Prada,Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

hireheels_touchAs babies, we learn the importance of touch…the warmth of our parents reassures and protects us, while being held supersedes all else in our tiny, scary world. And if there’s any question as to how crucial touch is to our basic human survival, one need only remember the horrific “Baby Houses” of Romania in 1990—a cruel example of nature vs. nurture.

What does touch mean to you today…as an adult?

Before you get excited that this post is going — ahem, southrelax! We are only here to protest the hijacking of the word ‘TOUCH’ by none other than Apple (just google ‘touch’ and behold!). And it’s not just the word, but the sense itself. Even as we write this, the world is collectively licking its lips in anticipation of iphone5 and ipad3. Would we be this excited if these two devices were not touchscreen?

Are we so touchscreen-addicted that we’re dangerously falling out of touch with, well, touch?

Fact: the touchscreen phenomenon is diminishing our ability to appreciate the value of human touch. Human-to-machine interaction is so invasive, so pervasive, we must now retrain ourselves to appreciate human interaction. Crazy. More frighteningly, have we unknowingly rewired our brain with robotic expression to replace human emotion?

Every study suggests that our ‘social’ lives are being denied the human experience. Yet our investment and commitment seem to follow that of the virtual variety. This is not a case against social media, online dating or any other technological interaction. However, intimate (touch) relationships MUST be distinguished from and take precedence over strategic (social/virtual) ones.

Can you really get close to someone without getting close?

Virtual relationships are on-demand, flippant and can easily break down at even a hint of disenchantment. So why do we keep comin’ back for more?

According to The New York TImes’ Matt Richtel:

“When you check your information, when you get a buzz in your pocket, when you get a ring — you get what they call a dopamine squirt. You get a little rush of adrenaline,” he says. “Well, guess what happens in its absence? You feel bored. You’re conditioned by a neurological response: ‘Check me check me check me check me.’ ”

How much longer will your touchscreen satisfy you?

Hmm. Maybe it’s time to reclaim your ‘touch.’

As the erudite Plato once mused: “Every heart sings a song, incomplete, until another heart whispers back. Those who wish to sing always find a song. At the touch of a lover, everyone becomes a poet.”

(Er, especially if they’re on Twitter).

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Is Your Geomagnetism Rising Or Are You Just (Un)Happy To See Me?

Posted on August 27th, 2011 in Princess Wears Prada,Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

Have you been feeling off-kilter lately? Are your sleep patterns feeling more psychedelic Pucci rather than reliable Ralph Lauren? Is your head jumbled with enough thoughts to fill two episodes of The View? Do you feel lately like your life is a veritable vortex of chaos? Are you questioning everything and everybody?
Is the Earth making us crazy?
If you answered ‘yes’ to any of the questions above, the good news is you’re not alone. The not-so-good news is—wait for it—the Earth is making us all crazy.


That’s right. Instead of racking up hourly fees to your local shrink and popping Xanax at a Tic-Tacs’s pace, might we suggest a visit instead to your neighborhood quantum physicist.

Maybe we’ve been hanging out in M.I.T.’s Voltage Cafe too much lately, but today we are asking the question: Have we become so geomagnetically-sensitive that we are reacting to even the slightest stimuli?

Researchers tell us yes!

The earth’s magnetic field itself is a fascinating beast. Tame as many think it is, the magnetism of our planet is remarkably capricious. Fluctuations in magnetism are shedding light on why geological phenomena like earthquakes, tsunamis and hurricanes are detected by animals well in advance of people. But geomagnetic activity is also directly related to humans, i.e. our mental activity. Research suggests heightened geomagnetic activity correlates with violent crime, depression, hallucinations, sleep deprivation, psychokinesis and poltergeist phenomena – basically, all kinds of crazy shit.

Think about it.

From earthquakes to market crashes, the past few weeks have doled out enough lunacy to give even Gadhafi pause (er, wherever he is). In a world where everything is spinning out of control – From London lootings, to Libyan shootings… from GovPerry’s stem-cell-quackery to Buffett’s plenipotentiary… from Rawsome milk raids to radioactive spinach… from meteor showers to Beltway quakes… from markets tumbling to earth’s core grumbling… (did we forget to mention the sky is falling and the anchovies aren’t mating)… are we, ourselves, responsible for making an already whacky world even whackier?

Apparently, yes.

The Law of attraction states we are all electromagnetic beings with frequencies at a level of thought. So, basically we’re like big tacky refrigerator magnets, and the way we vibrate affects what happens. Our thoughts create our feelings and our feelings create vibratory levels that shape our world. But when the earth’s magnetic field starts f*king with your frequency, can you really trust those thoughts and feelings? Add a rabid 24/7 news media frenzy filter and we can safely say, not!

First the markets go haywire. Then the planet. Then the people. Or, is it the other way around? It’s enough to bring out the Crazies (and that’s just the media).

Take the markets. CNBC reporters seemed stunned that investors were reacting to the teeniest tidbits of news and gossip, causing unprecedented volatility. Luckily for investors, this whip-saw shift between good and bad news actually began to feel normal, creating some false stability. But, should we be making rash decisions— in money, life or love—by the mere trickling of unvetted news or gossipy tweets to the point where we’ve abandoned rationality?

Now who’s crazy!

Apparently everyone. According to Dr. Amit Goswami, Ph.D, @quantumactivist on Twitter, a sudden change of environment requires an equally sudden evolutionary jump in the species. Environmental discomfort — not unlike we’ve been experiencing — and geomagnetic fields influence our psychological mood contributing to the aggravation of psychological symptoms like depression, sleep disturbances, anxiety, aggressiveness etc., a phenomenon scientists track via something called The International Geomagnetic Index.

Now take Hurricane Irene. Yesterday you could actually sense, minute-by-minute, the shift from over-hyped weather coverage to all-out media madness. From the somber tone of the President to the tweeted urgency of the White House press corps to “Get the Hell off The Beach” from jersey’s Gov, poor Irene was amped from a healthy hurricane to a slow-motion scene from The Day After Tomorrow.

So next time the financial markets contort into a Cirque de Soleil stunt, forget the Nikkei Index and remember the Geomagnetic Index. Or the next time your world is whipped into hysteria, ponder these silkily sage words from Dr. Goswami: “FLOW IS WHEN THE DANCE DANCES YOU.”

Then go dancing.

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Posted on August 10th, 2011 in Princess Wears Prada,Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

Getting your biz ‘found’ in a morass of social media is about as serendipitious as being found by your soulmate on Match!

Not unlike dating and mating in the real world, it is necessary to make your virtual brand equally attractive to your online playmates hireheels.jpg(errrr… not of the bunny variety). Social media and social lives are now so inextricably linked, you have to ask yourself: Is there even a difference? Weinergate aside, the lines between sex drives and hard drives have never been more blurred. Wield the right mix: a little bit o’ flash, sexy algorithms, some back-end code and Google lubricant, and watch your performance tickle your tribes.

According to the social titans over at Hubspot, we must leverage all the noise out there to “get found” and be desired by more prospective suitors. But how?

My once super-cool small biz website—which edutains a global community of medical influencers in 85 countries— has now fallen frumpy, and dare I say, desperate. Can you say mojo makeover? My .com can barely garner a blind date let alone get hit on by a bevy of fresh meat. Somewhere between Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter, I got out-teched. It’s time to reposition it in the little blackbook of cyberspace, where the only way to seduce new leads is to play games (sigh). To get more site traffic, more followers and stronger SEO, I apparently must bake more flirty cupcakes, tweet aphrodisiacs and blow thousands of virtual kisses if I hope to get snagged.

So with the help of Hubspot, here are 10 Tips (my interpretation) on how to get your site laid:

1. Leverage Those Curves: Creating content is kinda like padding your bra: you need to draw attention but support the interest beyond the fluff to keep ‘em hooked…so pad your site with enough titillating content to fill Barbie’s bra

2. Blog Your Booty Off: Create and incorporate a blog that teases and tempts

3. Don’t Play Mind Games: Your suitors cannot read your mind so keep it simple, be upfront or be alone

4. Play ROC Hard: (Relax, that’s ‘Return On Content’) Stay abreast of what’s working and what’s not with your audience

5. Pimp It Out: Use strong (not graphic) imagery and video to enhance your message penetration

6. Slow Hand: Make sure your site is free of commitment issues and register your domain for the long haul

7. MOZ Rank: If you don’t know what this means, not only are you not ‘cool’ enough, but worse: they’re just not that into you

8. Un-Fatal Attraction: Utilize linking optimization whenever possible to ensure a mutual attraction

9. Feed Them: Don’t let 9 1/2 weeks lapse between communication: Text, blog, tweet… Whatever it takes

10. Don’t Overanalyze: But do check to see how you stack up against your competitors (you know, the ones getting all the action)

HubSpot’s Website Grader gave me a “C” and that unfortunately ain’t a cup size. I’ll improve, I promise. I’m committed. I’m in it to win it. I want to be found. I do!! Who knows… Maybe if I do all these things, I just may even snag that soulmate.

Shout-out to HubSpot for helping me transform my small biz brand on the Internet.

For more information and to find out how you stack up, check out: www.hubspot.com

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Ball-Breakin’ Bella

Posted on July 19th, 2011 in Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, Silvio Berlusconi and Bill Clinton… I’m sure that these names ring a bell or rather an alarm to many. They’re all extremely powerful seducing-prone men with weaknesses for manipulative women. Men are always on the prowl for women, right? It’s animal instinct. Alas, powerful men no longer even need to prowl, as women just throw themselves at their feet.

Look at the women who managed to bring down the aforementioned panthers – a maid/wannabe-prostitute, an under-aged dancer/hooker and an intern with an agenda beyond licking stamps. It’s good to know that the World is lacking in real despair and destitution so that the media can cover such lascivious and ludicrous drama. Should we break these guys’ balls for being sexual predators in disguise or are they mere porn-puppets?

According to the law, there is a significant distinction between being a “seducer” and a “rapist”. Recent reports in Massachusetts illustrate that there are about 11,000 sexual offenders registered in the state. The number of registered offenders barely touches the number of those actually convicted of sex crimes.

9 years ago today, a dear friend of mine, Ally Zapp, had her life stolen by a sexual predator. The killer, a convicted sexual offender who worked at a Burger King, followed her into the restaurant’s bathroom and tried to steal her wallet. My headstrong friend protested and this Paul Leahy stabbed her to death. That same year, the U.S. Department of Justice noted that 68% of released non-sex offenders were later rearrested for crimes that included sex offenses. So do all criminal roads lead to sex crimes?

It’s hard enough for we single girls to maneuver the dating jungle without having to worry about who’s a predator versus who’s a prospect… How do we know who are good guys? If it’s not even safe to use a public restroom, how can we feel safe walking into someone’s apartment or hotel room? Are we just making ourselves easy prey?

I recently went on a date with an über-successful Tech God. His invitation made me teeter on my always-balanced stilettos. It was a near-fantasy date: chic resto, roofy-free Rioja, chemistry-charged convo interrupted by sweet sultry kisses… And then, he goes for the kill, leaning into my ear, he begins to whisper, “Mmmmm… You’re almost perfect… But, you’re… kinda scary. You’re like a guy with balls.”
Moment killed.

Lift stiletto, insert in scrotum.

What?! How dare a man tell me that I have balls! I was sooo insulted. Then again, I was flattered. I’m an intelligently strong, company-running, globetrotting, couture-wearing babe. Maybe, I had grown balls, protecting myself. After Ally’s murder I erected an impenetrable invisible forcefield around my petite self. This led me to think, how can any guy see through to my sweet and demure girl-next-door persona, when I’m accessorizing like the Knights Templar?

If you let down your guard with powerful men, they think you’re easy, like Berlusconi’s Bunga Bunga girls, assigning you a shelf-life of a sashimi boat at Nobu. However, if you play it cautiously strong, letting your protective coating stick long enough to vet the prospect, you’re seen as a B-I-T-C-H. Deduction: Buy another pair of Manolos and hold out for that man with x-ray vision, who can not only see through your forcefield, but can shatter it.

To My Dear Ally, if only you’d taken my advice and worn stilettos instead of flipflops… You and I both know where that stiletto would have ended up.

This post was dedicated to Alexandra Nicole Zapp, who was murdered by a sex offender on July 18, 2002. The ALLY Foundation was established in her memory, dedicated to reforming a system that lets sex offenders slip through the cracks.

For more information, please visit theallyfoundation.org

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tweet-deceit…is merger mania over?

Posted on June 6th, 2011 in Princess Wears Prada by hireheels

Are Twitter and Facebook Making Deceit and Divorce Easier?Slouched in my cushy, cracked leather Jetblue seat, I welcomed the announcement to turn off all wireless devices and pulled out some saved newspaper sections (yes, I still read print!). I landed on a recent New York Times business feature on AOL-Time Warner’s split.  Wasn’t that marriage just eight years ago?  Then again, eight years is an eternity in technology and now, quite possibly, real-life marriage.

Having just spent the past two weeks in my beloved Massachusetts flying between Beantown and Nantucket and back again, I had a rare opportunity to cover a lot of social mileage.  And what I came away with (aside from a few nasty hangovers) left me a bit shell-shocked.  My long-standing social circles from the late 90’s were largely intact, but, those weddings I attended or the ones I didn’t get invited to… D.I.V.O.R.C.E.

Then it got me thinking, can modern marriage survive modern technology?  More specifically: Can couples remain afloat in a swirling sea of social networking sites?

Think back to how you felt when your desktop speakers blared: You’ve Got Mail!  You did have AOL, didn’t you? Heck, just about everyone on the planet had an AOL account. And who didn’t find themselves lurking in a chatroom or two?  The never-truly-hip AOL was eventually tainted with the “creep factor” (which has also seeped into Craigslist and a few other sites). Advice to those of you clinging to your @aol.com address: It’s time for change.

Today however we are über-SMS: Socially-Media-Sophisticated. It’s all a gal can do to text, blog and tweet while getting pedicured during her lunch break – with some texts reading more like a Danielle Steel novel. Has our finetuning of online social networking skills awoken others parts of us that, well, were asleep? If so, could that explain the increased divorce rate?

Apparently, yes. The Guardian recently reported that "cyber affairs" are being cited with greater frequency in disruptions of real marriages. Social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and MySpace are, according to divorce lawyers, the online enablers.

Lately a handful of married exes and colleagues tracked me down to giddily remind me of their Facebook presence. Here they go again, casting their fishing rods! It’s as if somehow these social networking sites have awarded them a clean slate, granting them a license to, dare I say, stray. I wonder how their wives would feel about their chatting up former gal-pals online? Then again, social networking sites are a boon for desperate housewives.

There’s no question that being part of a supportive, dynamic duo is the preferred way to go. But how do you manage ‘it’ while now having to manage all of ‘them’ (the ‘them’ being all of your new social network pals). Don’t expect any marital wisdom from this princess. I just discovered my less-than-significant other not only has a blog,  but belongs to multiple social networks.  Hmmm… he ain’t sending me cupcakes.

Maybe social media will run its course and land the same fate as AOL. And maybe marriage, as in staying married, will make a comeback. I will ponder these and other profound thoughts as I prepare to tweet this post.


simon says: just say no to ho

Posted on March 11th, 2011 in Manolo Minx by hireheels

pumpit_bylineJust because the economy’s in the crapper doesn’t mean you don’t give a crap about how you look. Heck, even non-human critters groom, preen and strut their stuff while dodging whatever’s above them on the food chain. So how does a gal go about looking her best while pinching her pennies?

Well, for starters, she fishes ‘n dishes on our pump it, faves, craves & raves posts from the editors of hireheels.com. Indeed, even we politistas in stilettos have worn down our heels with all things politics.

Now for one of our faves… a delightful book from the ever-so-fabulous Simon Doonan. The famed Barneys creative director/window dresser, judge on America ’s Next Top Model. Columnist and all-around style lover released Eccentric Glamour last year.

In EG, Simon exhorts women to “just say no to ho”—the ubiquitous over-blonded, over-boobed, cut up-to-here-and-down-to-there look that passes for fashion (it happens a lot in Los Angeles and, sadly, has spread across the country—just check in any shopping mall, high-end, low-end, any-end). On the other hand, he begs us to avoid playing it too safe, too.

Rather than post a rigid do-this or don’t-do-that list and the usual before/after photos, the lovable Simon gives us archetypes on which to build our basic style: the Gypsy, the Socialite, and the Existentialist (with several subcategories). He fills it all in with colorful guidance, charming anecdotes, stories from his own life, and interviews with such individualistic icons as Dita Von Teese, Lucy Liu and Tilda Swinton.

Why I love this book:

1. It’s clear Simon ADORES women and wants us to be the glorious creatures we should be.

2. Once you have a clear archetype in mind for yourself, you waste less money on the fashion faux-pas that fits neither your true essence or your bank account.

3. A clever lass may very well build an exquisite eccentrically glamorous wardrobe using Simon’s guidance, the local second-hand store, and the services of a really good local tailor.

4. With Simon as your muse, you could very well turn yourself into a local fashion icon and save some dough.

Go forth and be EG, girls.


The United states Declaration of Cleavage

Posted on March 8th, 2011 in Zanotti Abroad by hireheels

“And whom should Persuasion summon;
Here, to soothe the sting of your passion this time?

Who is now abusing you?
Who is treating you cruelly?

Give me All I long for,
In all my battles, Fight as my comrade”

Sappho, an ancient Greek poet from sometime between 630 BC and 612 BC, possessed a unique freedom to express her thoughts and cares and live as she wanted to. It’s only in the last hundred or so years that women of Western cultures could ‘boast’ that kind of freedom.

In a masculine world in which females are generally presented as suffering and often guilty victims of tragedy and emotion, it is refreshing (and empowering!) to have Hillary Clinton standing for us now.

Strong women are the definition of humanity – - they have SENSE and sensuality. Yes, I may be a bitch and a tease, but as Sheryl Crow once professed, a goddess on my knees.

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Dans les deux cas indiqués symptômes anaphylactiques ont été observées levitra boutique après que les animaux avaient atteint un pouvoir agglutinant et bactéricide considérable, pour le faire, mais à chaque fois seulement après des injections intraveineuses de grandes quantités de bactéries, de cultures incliner. Alors, bien sûr, ces expériences ne sont pas concluantes en aucune façon, à partir de ceux-ci, ainsi que d'un certain nombre d'accidents de laboratoire dans le cadre de la vaccination animale, actu viagra et tension ce est l'impression de l'auteur que l'injection intraveineuse de bactéries ou de produits bactériens des êtres humains serait une procédure impliquant certains risques, sauf si les données expérimentales cialis 20mg andorre plus approfondies que nous avons à l'heure actuelle possèdent étaient disponibles pour nous guider à la posologie et les intervalles. Le traitement sous-cutané normal des patients, cependant, avec des bactéries dans les quantités habituellement employées dans les vaccins semble être pratiquement sans risque dans la mesure où l'anaphylaxie aiguë est concerné. Dans le traitement des animaux avec des vaccins de toutes sortes Leolainche a appelé à plusieurs reprises l'attention sur le fait que l'inoculation d'un vaccin peut conduire à un état de hypersusceptibility, servant à allumer une lésion latente qui pourrait avoir été tenu en échec si la résistance normale a dû pas été perturbé. *!*renoval-veranda.com*!*La raison est que l'action acheter viagra avec carte maestro elle-même, à travers la méthode de voir, juger et agir, prépare les jeunes alopécie viagra online pharmacy viagra ou acheter en ligne propecia dans la mesure où ils deviennent des témoins du Christ dans leur propre milieu, et cession levitra conduit à l'approfondissement de leur vie comme achat en ligne kamagra des êtres humains dans un Christ -comme manière. La préparation consiste à engager et mener l'action. Comment les principes de la JOC travaillent en milieu cialis tadalafil prix urbain Japon? 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Pour améliorer cette situation, les membres de la JOC ont fait des efforts pour créer une atmosphère conviviale à l'atelier, de réveiller les travailleurs compatriote conscience de leur dignité et de ovm A cet égard, le rapport YCWs Tokyo donne l'Follo-u ng exemple. *!*lyceens-languedoc-roussillon.fr*!*Enfin, il est prouvé que le bulbe rachidien chez les animaux joue un rôle prix levitra pharmacie lafayette dans la coordination des mouvements, et il peut être considéré comme probable viagra prix en pharmacie belgique viagra paris vendre que chez l'homme la même propriété est également possédé mais il est, malheureusement, incapable de démonstration, que la mort de la personne suit généralement toute lésion traumatique de ce ganglion. Les aspects cliniques de la moelle, son anatomie minute, et sa construction physiologique, seront examinées plus en détail dans le cadre de la moelle cialis 5 effets secondaires épinière et les nerfs crâniens. 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Les dessins qui Turner meublé étaient admirables à leur manière, mais sont, à mon avis, guère adapté aux fins du chirurgien, depuis les pilule viagra moin chere guides qui les proéminences osseuses du crâne se permettre ne entrent pas en une telle importance viagra soft générique à être facilement viagra generique achat viagra mastercard au maroc compris par le lecteur occasionnel. cialis pas cher forum Si le sui'geon est d'utiliser les précieuses recherches des enquêteurs ci-dessus nommés et plusieurs opérations chirurgicales prix stop propecia trop cher les a vendre levitra pas cher plus brillantes ont déjà été réalisées à partir de la lumière qui les connaissances nouvellement acquises de la topographie du cerveau a donné, certaines cialis 10mg vidal saillies osseuses du moût de crâne être désigné, comme d'importance, comme guides aux circonvolutions achat kamagra voir le profil spéciales priligy c est quoi et les fissures du cerveau. ISTow, il ya une ligne qui est facilement attirée sur la tête du sujet vivant, le plan de alveo-condyloid cialis 10mg acheter de Broca, sur lequel des lignes perpendiculaires peuvent être décrits, coupant certains points osseuses, les lignes peuvent être utilisés comme guides à des parties dont la situation est maintenant connu positive. Cette ligne de base devrait être un droit, et devrait croiser la pointe de l'apophyse et la ligne des pointes des dents de la mâchoire supérieure. Ce est la posture naturelle du crâne humain, lorsque la mâchoire de pper est retiré et le crâne placé sur une nee de table ce est un plan admirablement adaptée pour l'étude des ides qui seront donnés, sur le squelette, dans le ofiice chaque pratiquant, cialis viagra levitra avant une opération. En outre, le crâne peut facilement être peint sur son extérieur de manière à amener e lignes, désignée comme importante, en importance, et ainsi de SIST le chirurgien dans l'examen de ces points qui possèdent une valeur particulière. La contribution de Fère est, à mon avis, e meilleur de tous les auteurs cités, car il présente des points Ost nécessaire par le chirurgien d'une manière pratique et le CV de ses guides est si laconique et clairement indiqué par mon ami le professeur Seguin que il serait inutile de tenter de l'améliorer. *!*barcelona.danslenoir.com*!*Logré el agotamiento de la misma manera como me agotan el estómago, pero en lugar de tubos de estómago suave de Nelaton utilizo priligy eczane que es el viagra yahoo la bujía goma firme, viagra generico dosis cialis 10 mg funciona o un catéter de goma con una boquilla redonda. iSuch uno se pasa mucho más fácilmente y con seguridad a través de la garganta, que es tan irritado y inflamado en estos casos, y no da lugar a náuseas, no se dobla hacia arriba, etc. Ves lo fácil que es. 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Likheten mellan syskon som bor i olika fosterhem, dessutom är mycket mindre än vad som normalt finns mellan syskon i samma hem. *!*agence-communication-picardie.fr*!*Est-il un lien entre achat viagra en ligne canada boutique levitra en ligne cialis prix en ligne la maladie tuberculeuse prix en pharmacie du levitra osseuse chez les enfants et la phtisie après-vie? En ce qui concerne la phtisie, il ya très peu de preuves que ce est cialis original livraison rapide jamais due à une infection par le virus de bovin. Les cas dans lesquels des bacilles bovins ont été isolés à partir des cavités du poumon sont peu nombreux, et non exempte de doute. D'autre part, il ya de bonnes raisons de penser que la tuberculose abdominale cialis jambes lourdes primaire produit equivalent au viagra ne est pas rare d'origine bovine. Vide conclusions de la Commission royale. Weber, l'un de la Commission allemande, dans un rapport ultérieur, affirme que de quatre-vingt-quatre cas de tuberculose chez les enfants qui ont été exhaustivement étudié, pas moins de vingt et un ans viagra pfizer canada ont été infectés par le bacille bovin six d'entre eux étaient viagra effet au bout de combien de temps la tuberculose des glandes cervicales, tandis que treize effet cialis naturel étaient des cas de tuberculose abdominale primaire. Dans toute la série de quatre-vingt-quatre patients, il y avait vingt et un cas de tuberculose abdominale primaire, achat cialis sans ordonnance dont sept ont donné le bacille humain. Si nous détenons la théorie selon laquelle la majorité des cas d'os chez les enfants ont été infectés par le canal alimentaire, et si nous gardons aussi à l'esprit le fait qu'un grand nombre d'enfants des classes supérieures deviennent infectés chaque année avec des joints et levitra prix paris des glandes tuberculeuses, et que ceux-ci ont dans de très nombreux cas, été très soigneusement levitra medicament 20mg protégés de toute contamination possible avec phthisiques cas, prix du viagra pharmacie mais ont eu une abondance de lait cru et de la crème, il ne est pas déraisonnable de prétendre acheter du viagra en italie prix viagra 25 cialis journalier prix cialis effet avis qu'un cialis 20 mg efficacite forum cialis 20mg os tuberculeuse ne conduit pas nécessairement levitra dosage en france à commande viagra en france viagra forum doctissimo cialis 5 mg doctissimo pulmonaire Nathan détient Raw une position encore plus forte que cela, et confond viagra information ainsi dapoxetine en pharmacie en france éventuellement entre la cause et l'effet. Il maintient l'antagonisme entre les deux souches de bacilles tuberculeux. Nous avons, cependant, aucune autre parallèlement kamagra paiement paypal à cela dans le monde bactériologique. Dunn a montré, à partir de données provenant d'un certain nombre d'examens post-mortem, que plus de cent, de la population de ces îles ont souffert d'une acheter du cialis sécurisé lésion tuberculeuse ou autre, et que la grande majorité de ces lésions, d'un montant de pour cent. survenue entre le second et le dixième années. Quelle est la proportion des cas d'os étaient contenues dans ces chiffres, il ne est pas possible d'estimer, mais, en tout cas, vu la forte incidence de la tuberculose pulmonaire, il ne est pas improbable que beaucoup, même des cas d'os suite développé la phtisie. Mais il ne cialis belgique pharmacie se ensuit pas nécessairement que l'on avait préséance causalité de l'autre. 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Le couvercle acheter viagra dhea est cialis mg strength articulé de sorte qu'il peut être jeté dans un porte-livre pratique pour la lecture. cialis belgique prix Dans l'écriture, la chaise est placée si près que le bord du bureau touche juste le corps. La hauteur du siège est correcte lorsque la ligne de pente du bureau, prolongée, touche juste les coudes. donne la conception pour le bureau et le siège publié par le regretté Dr Georg Varrentrapp, cialis 5 indications de Francfort-sur-le-Main, cialis generique tadalafil 30 pilules dans le Gemndhdtspflege Vierteljakrsschrift fourrure. Ce est celui à partir duquel les espaces non ombrées sont prises. Le bureau reste comparatif levitra viagra le même pour différents âges les sièges sont de tailles différentes, les contours en pointillés correspondant à de grandes pupilles. *!*oksnes.kommune.no*!* Garrison av papirer og bøker, indikerer Billings enorm litterær aktivitet. 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